December 20, 2010 – The Shower Saga Continues – Black Market Gas Ballons and Good Friends

December 20, 2010 – The Shower Saga Continues – Black Market Gas Ballons and Good Friends

Those of you who have been following my blog for the past couple of years know the continuing story of the shower in my room which never works properly due to many problems but mainly the fact that the room has needed a new boiler for the past couple of years but instead of spending the money to buy one, the management here continually decided to try and fix it, over and over and over and over and over. They probably could have bought 2 new boilers for the price of all this fixing.
At any rate, when I arrived a couple of days ago, it was in owrse condition than ever, and this time, after much debate and my complaining, a new boiler (I actually think it was a NEWER one taken from another room) was put in, the water is flowing beautifully and finally decided to take a shower last night, only to find the shower HEAD was no good! So, it is now 10:30 in the morning, and a plumber (pronounced plum – Ber) is now in my room banging away to install a whole new shower head and piping! What a mess!!

hmmm...let's see

oh my!....a pipe in the wall!!

messy messy

let's covaer that back up!

Hopefully today I will somehow ge a shower andget my hair washed – even if I have to use a bucket! Welcome to wonderful India!!
All in all I am settling in OK…thought to get an early start today, but that obviously won’t be happening, and getting my household supplies purchased at the local shop. But I am happily sitting on my rooftop, in the glorious sunshine, writing this instead – which is fine.
The weather is much more comfortable than I expected it to be. Beautifully sunny and warm during the day, and although chilly in the evening, still possible to sit outside until 8 or so. The nights are not bad and only early morning do I feel the need for the heater for about 10 minutes to take the night chill out of the room. I am very pleased.
It will take me another couple of days to settle in, I haven’t gotten my gas cylinder yet…seems there is a new law that it is not permitted to sell the small balloons anymore, so they can be gotten only on the black market – which is where mine will now come from. So depending on supply and demand, it will come today, or not today! That’s the best answer I can get right now!
And then the best surprise of all, is unexpectedly finding an old friend.
You may remember the nice Israeli guy who I met here two years ago who took me for my first motorcycle adventures…well, he arrived here the same day I did but much later in the day (also taking 8 hours by taxi to arrive), and we met up finally yesterday. He even sent me a flower arrangement for my room…(turns out later it was from HIS room and was left for him by the owner…his good friend who even visited him in Israel this year!)

We had a lovely lovely talk yesterday and hewill be here for a little over two weeks so seems I will get at least one or two more motorcycle trips !
And that’s about it for now….

Actually got out, did my shopping which will be delivered to my room, saw my dear friend Dr. Arora, his wife manju and my massage ladies, Devi and Laxshmi…all is well, and although still tired, very happy.
Been given something which is meant to cure my new allergy to animals withing 4-5 days, guaranteed!.. Tumeric powder with other herbs! Will let you know

Bye for today


2 Responses to December 20, 2010 – The Shower Saga Continues – Black Market Gas Ballons and Good Friends

  1. Lena says:

    Your story made me smile))))))))))) Looks like, if you come to India often enough at some point it feels loke you,ve never left)

  2. Jane says:

    That’s exactly the feeling…since this is definitely my home just as much as Israel is, the return here is a return home in the same way
    see you soon

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