December 27, 2010 – Back to Normal

December 27, 2010 –  Back to Normal

Whatever “normal” means , and it certainly means different things at different times and in different places, I find myself feeling “normal” again after the insights of this morning.  Doesn’t matter what I did, or didn’t do during the day, just that I appreciated each moment and lived it fully.

I made the mistake yesterday of eating something spicey, even though I know it will do me in the following day (diarrhea until whatever when in finds its way out – nothing terrible, just annoying as I feel the need to be close to home and of course drink a lot) – but what I was served tasted so good, I had to finish it.  This usually happens to me once during each trip…my reminder not to do it again!

So today I decided to stay close to home anyway and it turned out to be a wonderfully full and interesting day which went by quickly.  After working around things this morning and posting to my blog, I came back to my rooftop, where I pretty much spent the rest of the lovely day.

My friend from Israel, who works in photography, has been giving me some wonderful tips about taking better photos.  He was looking at the photos on my computer and declaring, several times, “you’ve got what it takes”….and then went on to show me some easy ways,using my simple camera, to improve on what I have.  He also checked out my new, fairly simple camera, and was quite amazed at the results he received, from a professional point of view.  I didn’t understand what he was so excited about, but it seems the quality is much more than would be expected from such a small device.  I’m pleased to know I made a good choice.

So I’ve done some experimenting with tips he gave me and had a good and interesting time with that.

Also received my balloon of gas so was pleased to be able to do my own cooking.  Had a wonderful soup left over from yesterday which I had at lunch today, and in the evening made kitcheri – the best thing for my stomach right now.

In addition, someone had recommended to me some new software which will allow me to edit the videos I take with my new camera, and a couple of days ago downloaded it.  Today I also sat and tried it out, figured out how it works, and will now be able to edit any videos I take easily.  Will also be editing videos my daughter gave me of my new granddaughter – and that will certainly be fun.

And then we had our first power cut since my arrival, and so I did a good yoga session in the dark, which made me feel good as well as warming me up!  It also made me feel bad as I realized that another thing which I have not done this whole year since my Mother passed away, was regular yoga practice. (Not talking about pranayama and meditation with I do each morning, but asana practice which is so important for my joints, muscles and general flexibility and well-being on a physical level).  Well, I REALLY felt the damage this evening and have to honestly say that I am angry with myself, but am making an effort to be compassionate as well and go gently on myself…so all in all I am happy I have begun my practice again and will make the effort to now continue with it each evening.

And aside from that, I am reading, listening to music and just gently allowing myself to flow and enjoy, without judgment, each and every moment as it comes along.

I am feeling quite proud of myself.  Doesn’t give you all much of anything interesting to read, but hope to begin my “walk abouts” now that I am feeling better.

And that’s it for today…


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