December 30, 2010 – Rainy Day Project

December 30, 2010 – Rainy Day Project

Road Sign

I woke this morning to a cloudy day and there have been a couple of small showers, which has cleared the air of dust and dryness and the mountains can finally be seen again across the way.  And of course the lovely smell that the first rain after many months of no rain brings with it.

It has been a good day to stay close to home, which I gladly did, and hopefully will be able to get this off today, but for now, there is no power.

Have been cooking for myself and so have some lovely soup waiting for me this evening, after eating a lovely kitcheri this afternoon.

Maybe will get to write up the phone story today, although I don’t see the end of it anywhere in sight.

Been working on a project to select 500 photos which have been accumulating digitally for the past 4 years on my computer.  I want to at least get family pictures developed and put into real albums…I doubt I will ever develop all my photos from my travels..there are just too many of them.  But family ones are nice to look at in albums and have been putting this project off for a few years.  I solved it, by pre-paying for a subscription to develop 500 pictures at a low cost.  So now that it is already paid for (like a gym membership) I will have to go through the thousands of photos I have on my computer and choose the ones to be developed.  No more procrastinating.  So this has been another good rainy day thing to keep me busy. And the truth is, it is really fun, but very difficult to choose….I never realized how many pictures I’ve taken!!



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