January 4, 2011 – BRRRRR…Unprecedented Cold – Monkeys, Winter Dress and Food

January 4, 2011 – BRRRRR…Unprecedented Cold – Monkeys, Winter Dress and Food

Ganga View from Restaurant on Cold Dreary Day

It is now 4 AM and I woke up for some reason, and instead of just tossing and turning and trying to fall back to sleep, which never works anyway, I figured I’d get my notes of the past day written up.
So I am in bed, under several blankets, with lots of warm clothes on, the heater turned on in the room and a hot water bottle to cuddle up to, and I am actually quite comfortable. One o f the nice parts of the cold weather are these lovely red winter carrots…so delicious..amazing flavor..and have only seen them in  India

Delicious Red Indian Carrots

But the truth is, as you may remember, last year was the coldest winter on record in North India. Well, this year has surpassed it over the past week! It has gotten colder with each passing day and yesterday, at the “warmest” part of the day, it was 10 degrees outside. (if you need a translation, that’s around 50 farenheit I think- but remember – that is the warmest it gets.) It is snowing in many places, but I imagine it is down to 2-4 degrees most of the time here…this is the weather I do my best to stay away from, but it has caught up with me and I am really really cold. So much so that I relented and bought a hat – which I seem to have lost after using it for the past two days. It actually did make a big difference being out with the hat on. If it continues like this, will just have to buy another I guess! I am also wearing a fleece jacket which I have never worn before in Rishikesh…I usually save it for Dharamsala, but right now it is keeping me comfortably warm during my walking around.

Dressing for Warm Weather

And I am obviously not beginning my panchakarma as planned. It will have to wait until it gets a little warmer. Nothing is heated here and there is no way to get undressed daily for massages in this kind of cold.
The biggest problem is the fog which is hiding the sun. Last year most of January was foggy like this and I hope this will not be the case once again. Although at the moment, I hear the usual Rishikesh night wind blowing for the first time in several days, so hopefully this will clear the fog and in the morning I will find the sun shining.
OK…back to my “adventures” of the past couple of days.

Sunday, out on the bridge, some interesting interactions with the two local types of monkeys. The beautiful grey and black lemurs, gentle and quiet, and the noisy, aggressive rhesus monkeys.
This lovely grey lemur is always sitting quietly at the bridge, where people usually give it stuff to eat. As I went past today, he was sitting as usual, when all of a sudden he got up from his seat, walked down and directly up to a person walking next to me, stood up straight on his hind legs and not aggressively, placed his hands on a snack the man was holding in his hands. He gently grabbed it, without pulling, as if waiting for the man to release it into his hands – which of course the man did without further prompting. He then very quietly walked back up to his seat, slowly opened the snack which was wrapped in newspaper, and quietly began eating it. Very interesting interaction.
And then, just further up the bridge, a rather large rhesus monkey, ran up to another man, with much shrieking and screaming, aggressively ripped a plastic bag out of his hand, ran off with it and ripped it open and gobbled up what was inside.

There is a very well known Vedic astrologer working here in Rishikesh, who also works in Germany and other places during the year, and although I myself have never felt the need to consult him, I have sent many other people to him who have always been amazed at what he was able to reveal to them during a consultation.
Well, this year, I’ve felt the need somehow to talk to him, beginning even before I left for India, and so I packed my Vedic birthchart (prepared for me in 2007 in Dharamsala) before leaving home.
And after the work I’ve been doing over the past couple of weeks here, and couple of very insightful Tarot readings, I knew the time had come to go see him. I went past his place a couple of times last week but it was closed, and I figured he was out of town, and yesterday decided to give it one more try. If he was still closed, that would be a message to me that I don’t need to speak with him.
As I approached, I saw it was indeed closed and was getting reading to leave, when someone came along and began opening up the shop. Seeing me, he asked if I needed to see Prateek. I said yes, he explained that he makes his appointments and just came in for a short time to check something, and if I wanted he could make an appointment. Long story short…I saw him today but he asked me to come back on Friday for a full consultation…so will let you know how that goes.
I also “just happened” to buy a book by Doreen Virtue before leaving home, called “chakra cleansing” which I threw into my suitcase at the last minute.
Well, this morning, I took it out and began working with it. I first worked with Archangel Michael on etheric cord cutting and then with archangel Raphael to send unconditional love to all those that I cut the cord with. It was very powerful together with the Tarot reading message regarding the changes in my life this coming year. I am curious to see if Prateek, the astrologer, will have any further insights to add.

I am now sitting in a new restaurant which opened in Laxman Jhula which looks lovely and promises good food,

One of the partners in it turns out to be the owner of the the Day and Night restaurant in Dharamkot, who is now here for the winter season. Although I doubt there are any more people here right now than there are in Dharamkot. Everyone seems to have fled South to the warmer weather sometime over the past week.

And of course, India means cows. Notice the interesting horns on this one..

And now…back to sleep and hopefully get this posted, along with some more pictures, when I get out later today.


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