January 15, 2011 – What I am Reading

January 15, 2011 – What I am Reading

Just a quick “what I am reading” post.  I read an enormous amount of books while in India, and I usually post them on my blog page “What I am Reading”…haven’t done that yet thistrip, but that is not because I have not been reading.  I arrived here with a book I began at home, leant to me by a friend, written by Anne Tyler called “The Amateur Marriage”…I enjoyed the writing style and the story very much, and on my first visit to the used book shop here to pick up more reading material, came across a book by the same author entitled :”Digging in America”.  Since it was a small, lightweight book, I bought it to use as my “walking around” book..to keep in my bag for when I need something to read while waiting for food, etc.  Just as well done as the other one I read.  Both highly recommended.

During that same book shop stop I picked up a book by Carlos Casteneda, apparently his final novel, “The Active Side of Infinity”…finished it, thought about, and although brilliantly written, cannot say I would pass it along to anyone I know.  One quote taken from the book was posted on my blog and facebook, but I found it rough going.

The book which I kept as my “in room” read and which I just finished, is “The Help” by Katheryn Stockett.  Definitely a must read!  I read a few other books as well since herebut have already returned them and am sorry to say I do not remember the names of a couple.  Another was called “Maalika”, and if you find it, also a powerful true story of a British woman who married an Ethiopian and spends her life trying to ease the plight of the disappearing  Afar nomads of Africa…Valerie Browning is her name and she has an amazing and quite unbelievable life story to tell.

And now, I’ve just picked up a new book, and after reading just the first couple of paragraphs, I am hooked.  It is by Cecelia Ahern, titled “The Book of Tomorrow”.  I’ve read several other books of hers and have enjoyed everyone of them.  She has a very special writing style which I enjoy very much.

And last but not least, I read Jodi Picoult latest novel, “Nineteen Minutes”, her longest novel yet (definitely an “at home” book) but emotionally charged and really difficult to put down…highly recommended.




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