January 17, 2011 – What’s Happening?

January 17, 2011 – What’s Happening?

waiting for my lunch on the way home from Puja

Actually nothing much, which is why I haven’t written the last couple of days.  Today of course was the lovely puja at Laxmis’s new home, but other than that not much to write about.  The weather has gone back to normal winter cold, which is fine with me.  I don’t need my heater at all in the evening and just for a short time in the morning.  Although there is still no sun to speak of, the outdoor temperature is much nicer, and perfect for comfortable walking with only a normal amount of clothing on rather than tons of layers.  I am quite content to do my walk abouts leisurely when I feel like it, or just sit around near my room, visit my friend Seema, etc.  Cooking about 50% of my meals these days and that’s just about right for me.

Getting back to restaurants I haven’t been to yet, like the Pyramid Cafe…long walk up but fabulous, fresh, health food and wonderful view and they even have WIFI if you need it…also very quiet (since it is way off the beaten path)…pics below:

on the way up to pyramid cafe

view from pyramid cafe

also from pyramid cafe

I am including a few photos just to make this a little more interesting, but this is the way I like it.

I do my morning stuff each day, without having to worry about the time, take my time with breakfast, a few hours out each day and back to relax late afternoon.  I will not have the same freedom in a couple of weeks when I begin panchakarma, so for now, am just enjoying the blessings of each day.  Having the internet connection in my room has been wonderful as I can choose when to post, when to upload while doing other stuff (like now, I am in bed, nice and comfy and warm with hot water bottle, music relaxing me in the background, and while I upload photos etc., and am reading).  It was a good decision and I am happy I did it.

Enjoy the photos

a couple here from Laxman Jhula bridge which is always busy

Bridge Traffic...people, motorcycles and monkeys




3 Responses to January 17, 2011 – What’s Happening?

  1. Sarah says:

    hi jane. love your blog. how long are you doing panchakarma this time? it is expensive? sarah

  2. Lena says:

    getting warmer – good news!!! hopefully it will be MUCH warmer in February))

    • Jane says:

      When are you arriving in February Lena? Really hope it will be warmer by then

      Sara…I am doing panchakarma for one month this year, and will begin in Februay when the weather gets warmer- At the clinic I work with, the cost is 600 rupees per day.
      With love light and JOY

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