January 20, 2011- Just Some Photos of a Quiet Day on the Ganga

January 20, 2011- Just Some Photos of a Quiet Day on the Ganga

Panorama of Ganga from Buddha Cafe

I am sitting at the Buddha Café overlooking the Ganga and in the background, and Israeli singer and his group are singing.  (Shlomo Bar / ha’berera ha’tivit) and for some reason it seems perfectly suitable.  Others have been asking what the CD is and I happen to be the one there who could identify it as Israeli.  Many were surprised…it seems so Indian sounding and so fitting for here.  Quite enjoying it in the background.

Just a lazy quiet day so will just be posting some photos on facebook.  Here is the link:


I’ve had this internet connection in my room now for a couple of weeks, and I just realized today that I could download stuff !  Didn’t think of it until this morning…so I am now downloading (VERY slowly) recent episodes from a couple of TV programs I like.  (I have no TV at home either, so I always watch these 3-4 programs either online or by downloading them, so this is nothing new for me).  Wonder how long it will take to download them.  Doesn’t matter, I have plenty of time.





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