January 22, 2011 – A Day with the Trees

January 22, 2011 – A Day with the Trees

I am now sitting at Ayurpak waiting for my lunch of  fried vegetable rice with cooked pumpkin (ayurveda style), after my walk up through Tapovan Village.


I will post more about this walk, including lots of photos, but this post will be devoted to TREES.



Why?  I have no idea actually, but while walking through the village , the clouds began to roll in but this was fine.  I had already peeled off whatever I could and was feeling really hot!, and then the trees began talking to me, asking me to look at them, to study them and, yes, to photograph them.  Which I did for the remaining half of my walk.  I don’t know yet exactly what this was all about, but it was definitely a wonderful walking meditation.  While communicating with the trees and photographing them at their request, I also heard the lovely sounds of the water rushing along beside the path.

Try to ennjoy this video as I enjoyed the actual sounds


And in the past, I have received messages from tress which have always helped me through difficult places. You can read one of these stories at this link:


…and I am sure as I begin to go through the photos, in order to post them, I will understand further, any messages the trees had for me today (or not!).

So enjoy these photos, and the next post will contain lots of photos from the lovely village walk of today, as well as my new reality regarding  the subtle but very real changes in my  body…

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