January 28, 2011 – Last Day Before Beginning Panchakarma

January 28, 2011 – Last Day Before Beginning Panchakarma

My Room in the Evening

Today is my last day before panchakarma, and for breakfast I ate paneer parantha and masala chai (the last for a month), for lunch I’ve bought myself a delicious whole wheat apple cake to eat, and for dinner I will have my famous “sort of” cheese/tomato omelette. I’ve shopped for fruit to keep in my room to snack on during panchakarma, including keewees and wonderful seedless black grapes among things, and have arranged for my kicheri to be prepared each day as well as a place to eat my chapattis and steamed veggies.  So I am all set for tomorrow, happy I waited until now to begin.  I’ve done all of my errands here BEFORE beginning, which means I have a full 6 weeks to just take care of myself and relax without worrying about things I need to do.  It was a wise decision based on the very cold weather previously but in the end making this the most relaxing panchakarma I’ve done to date.

Well, you may have noticed, but I’ve been “silent” for a few days now…this was not planned but something which just flowed and which I accepted.  I needed time “retreat” time for myself, and although issues from back home did their best ti disturb that retreat time, I did manage to go deeply within for a few days.

I spent most of the past few days sitting on my rooftop, with minimal contact with other people.  The weather has been most cooperative, with blue skies, warming sun and pleasant caressing breezes.  I have not used my heater in two days and last night I didn’t even need the hot water bottle to “put me to sleep” at night. I am no longer dressing in several layers of clothing, and during the warmest hours of the afternoon, find myself removing all layers down to short sleeves and no sox.  Once the sun sets the longer sleeves are again required and in the evening, a couple of warmer layers in the room, but quite comfortable actually.

So now I sit in the sun, beautifully warming and pleasant, and just figured I write this one post so that you know I haven’t disappeared completely.  Since I haven’t done much out and about stuff, there are no interesting photos to post, except for what you see here which is a picture of my room in the evening.  The last couple of evenings I’ve been able to sit outdoors until after 6 and it is a real pleasure to be able to do this.





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