January 31 – February 1, 2011- Panchakarma Day 3-4 – Jesus, Mary, Dalai Lama and Ganesha

February 1, 2011

January 31 – February 1, 2011- Panchakarma Day 3-4 – Jesus, Mary, Dalai Lama and Ganesha

Just for fun, here are today’s pictures.

They represent something very basic for Indians-the complete ease with all religions. These were taken in the restaurant I eat my veggies at, and the owners being Christian would explain Jesus and Mary. When I asked why there was a statue of Ganesha (the god who removes obstacles) hanging just above, he said “always good to have god in all forms to help”. And of course the Dalai Lama, represents Buddhism , just to give equal representation. I suggestion a Magen David and he said “for sure…can you bring me one?” I suggested he take a picture of the “Jewish Rickshaws” outside.

Jewish Rickshaw

In one of my many past posts I’ve discussed the Magen David, Star of David symbol which appears here in India everywhere together with the swastika! Both are ancient vedic symbols which were appropriated by others for use. The Star of David originally is the symbol for balance and harmony. One triangle represents the upper 3 chakras, the inverted one represents the lower 3 chakras, and when you put them together, the center represents the heart chakra, which brings all into balance and harmony

Last night was a beautiful evening and there has been a definite shift in the weather. I did not need the heater at in the evening, was out until after 6, and did not need the hot water bottle to sleep with. In addition, I opened the small window above the entrance door for the firs time to allow fresh air in over night (aside from that coming in under the door which has a large gap between the frame and the floor and which I had to cover each night to keep the cold air from coming in).
I am now dressed in only one layer of clothing, and will finally be wearing my sandals today (albeit with sox), and although it is pleasantly cool right now, (it is only 9:30 in the morning), in another couple of hours I’m sure I will feel even hot. This is the perfect time of the year for me where I can sit out in the sun, as I am now, but still feel cool enough to enjoy its warmth. Soon I will be looking only for shade!

Yesterday, day 3 of panchakarma, was pleasant. I still had some kind of strange head pain during the night, and also was up again a few times to pee like the night before, but in the end I slept a full 12 hours!! I felt good in the morning and after my massage I was given Kati Basti. Just a quick note about the massages. In the past I was always given fairly gentle massages as befitted my physical health at the time . Now I am getting deepr, more powerful massage work done and really enjoying it. And it has made a difference already. When I do my morning neck release turning and body stretching for my joints, there is no “creaking”!! I feel like all my joints have been lubricated and it is a good feeling.
Yesterday, after the massage, was Kati basti. This is a procedure where a “bowl” is shaped from a kind of playdough made from hoummous flour (gram flour) and place on your body on which ever portion needs the treatment. The dough is stuck onto your skin to seal it, and the hot medicated oil is poured into it so it can be absorbed by the specific body part. Yesterday’s was done on my lower back. It’s intended purpose is to lubricate the spinal cord and nervous system as well as the circulatory system of the lower body.
I treated myself yesterday to rice pulao and came home feeling satisfied and happy.
I slept less last night, waking before 7 to a glorious day, and am now on my way down for day 4, which will be a massage and my very favorite – a steam bath!
Will write more later.
Well, I am back, and the steam bath never disappoints me! I love nothing better than the warmth of the steam enveloping me and bringing penetrating heat to all parts of my body – down to my bones. I could sit in the steam box forever if they didn’t make me get out after 15-20 minutes.
Another wonderful day awaits me…still don’t feel the need to be out and about but am pretty sure that in another day or so I will go exploring again.
Namaste for Today

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