February 7, 2011



Just had to write about this.  There are two general stores in the Tapovan area and when I first began coming to Rishikesh would give them both equal business, but very soon discovered that it was much more worth my while to shop at the Pundir shop instead of the other one.  MUCH better service, as the two brothers who run it are lovely and helpful and always give service with a smile,


their prices are very reasonable and on many items much much cheaper than the other shop, and I have NEVER brought home a package of spoilt milk from their shop, something which used to happen to me fairly regularly when I purchased at the other shop.  In addition, if you make a large order which you really cannot carry home, they will deliver!! 


I have never needed anything while in rishikesh which I was not able to purchase at their shop.  In addition to the items available on the shelves, the attached shop serves for additional stocks of dried goods, spices, oils, eggs, milk, curd and much more.  And if there IS something which I need that they don’t have, they will get it for me.  I can even get my batteries, hot water immersers, toothbrushes and pretty much anything else which comes to mind.


So, when they began to renovate last month, and expand the shop, I was very excited.  It is now ready and although there may be shops like this in the larger cities, and if you live in the West, this is nothing special, for Rishikesh it is a true pleasure to walk in and shop here.  You can now walk around and see EVERYTHING which is available, lots of it behind glass to keep it clean.  Like a very small type of supermarket…and the variety of goods available is quite amazing.












If you ever get to Rishikesh, step in for a look.  It is up in Tapovan, not far from Swiss Cottage.  Tell them Jane told you to come around!  You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee you!!


February 7, 2011 – Panchakarma Day 10-Rainy Morning and Breakfast with a Hawk

February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011 – Panchakarma Day 10-Rainy Morning and Breakfast with a Hawk

Woke up this morning to the sound of rain and when it stopped the sun did its best but today was mostly an overcast, although not cold, day.

Had a lovely lunch accompanied by a hawk floating overhead on the wind currents.



…and just relaxed today.  See the next post about my friends new expanded local general store…the PUNDIR PROVISIONS SHOP.


I’m after a night where I was given herbs to cause diarrhea for cleansing the colon.  They don’t usually work very well for me, but this time they did!  Only towards morning so I slept well, but after my massage today, was still very tired and so just rested the rest of the day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a more exciting day!



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