February 10. 2011 – Reiki, Tarot and Shopping!

February 11, 2011

February 10. 2011 – Reiki, Tarot and Shopping!

Clouds over the Mountain

I mentioned previously that a couple of days ago I had an urge to go shopping.  For those who know me, this is quite uncommon for me as I really dislike shopping.  Strange for a woman, but true.  But for some reason I had this urge to go to my favorite seconds shop in town where I always find lovely stuff to bring back for me, as well as the place I get my cotton trousers for Israeli summers.  I had a lovely time shopping, found some lovely things, but still didn’t quite understand where the urge came from.  I don’t have excess money this trip and honestly did not think I would be purchasing anything new.

Well, seems the clothing was already pre-paid but I didn’t realize it until a couple of days later.

A local young guy here had been asked about a Reiki teacher by someone at his guesthouse and he asked me if I am working this year.  I wasn’t quite sure what to reply as I haven’t considered doing it right now, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to meet the person.

He brought around a lovely young English girl, we talked, she asked questions, I had the thrill of feeling the satisfaction I always get from teaching, and also mentioned to her the possibility of tarot readings when she noticed the cards in my room.

Well, long story short….the next day, yesterday, she turned up at my door with a friend, both asking for Tarot reading!.  The readings were wonderful, a pleasure for me to do, always surprising me with their accuracy and with the assistance they afford people who are at crossroads in their lives….and, the full amount that I paid for my purchases while out shopping, was covered by what the two girls paid me for the readings!!

Lovely to say the least.

I have some additional writing and posting of photos to do, but for now will end here and go back to enjoying life.



February 8-11, 2011- Panchakarma Days 11-14 – Quick Sum Up

February 11, 2011

February 8-11, 2011- Panchakarma Days  11-14 – Quick Sum Up

Flowers on my Rooftop

I haven’t written most of the week about what is going on with my Panchakarma treatments, since I truthfully have had better things to do!.  The weather is so beautiful that I really don’t feel like sitting at the computer and writing…and once I am indoors in the evening, would rather relax, eat, read and go to sleep.

However, I will sum up the past days just to keep you up to date.

Tuesday:  The oil Basti was done on my abdomen area (the bowl made out of hoummous dough will with hot medicated oils as described in earlier posts).  This was in place of Shirodhara as both girls had to get off early to their wedding parties.

Wednesday: was Shirodhara and that is the day I went out shopping.  It was a lovely day and felt like treating myself for some reason…only yesterday did I understand why.

Again went to enjoy the ghat and again became the focal point of Indians wanting to take my picture.  But it was beautiful and relaxing sitting there nevertheless and returned to my room quite late…and quite tired.

Thursday:  after my massage as usual, I was meant to have a steam bath but there was no electricity, making yesterday a short day, which was good, as I was still tired from the day before.  Shopping always wears me out.

So today, a massage and steam bath and today, begins a 12 day “Enema Party” as Dr. Aroroa calls it.

I will not go into details here as I’ve written about this in previous years.  If you are interested, you can do “search” directly on my blog page from the side bar, or write to me and I will find the appropriate posts for you to read.

But the main idea behind the enemas is final detox.  Everything that was done up until now are methods used to move toxins from the body where it is stored in many places (muscles, skin, bones, joints, etc) via massages, steam, and the basti treatments.  It is moved into the colon where it can then be thoroughly flushed out with the enemas.  There are both oil and water enemas, each medicated with certain herbs as needed by the individual person and prescribed by the Doctor.

Again, for more info here, refer to posts from previous years.

I am now entering the more tiring phase of panchakarma, but since I’ve been feeling so much better until now this year as compared to previous years, I am optimistic that this will also pass easily.



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