Feb. 12-15 – The Blessings of Silence and Dreary, Wintry Weather – Panchakarma Days 15-18

Feb. 12-15 – The Blessings of Silence and Dreary, Wintry Weather – Panchakarma Days 15-18

View from my rooftop on this dreary wintry, rainy day

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This has been the most solitary of any of my sojourns in India…almost a forced silent retreat.  I do see people every day, but for a very short time and I speak very little.  And the more time I spend alone, the less I want to see people, or talk to them…even embarrassed to say that I don’t feel like using skype to talk to my kids or messenger to chat with friends…..I find myself relishing the quiet and aloneness more than every so in the past.

I have not been down to the restaurant even once since arriving, having all the food that I ordered brought to my room.  This has NEVER happened before.  I have in the past used room service on occasion, but just as often would eat downstairs in order to interact with other people, both other tourists as well as the staff.  I have been a true hermit this trip, and finding it perfectly wonderful.

And now, during this really intense week of Panchakarma, which requires lots of energy for going “within”, not just the physical treatments of enemas, but going within on much deeper levels, God has provided just the weather necessary to keep me close to home!

Although not really cold, it is cloudy, overcast, dreary, with intermittent rain for the past 3 days, and no sign of letup.  Dr. Arora said that if rain begins on a Saturday, it always lasts for a week.  If he is correct, there are another few days of this still waiting.

If it was sunny, I could not resist walking, but the truth is, being almost forced to stay put is a blessing,.And the rain will clear the air and make everything fresh and green once again!

Luckily, I didn’t get around to sending a parcel of my winter clothes home yet, as I’ve had to pull out a couple of items which I haven’t used in almost 3 weeks of beautiful weather.

All in all the 12 days of enemas is going by fairly easily, much easier than ever in the past, and I am feeling good, but do need to rest during the day, which is fine.  I am reading a great book, have my needlepoint, my computer, and great music.  I even found delicious dates from Iran at the local shop and this is a perfect, and legitimate treat, for when I get hungry for something sweet during the day.

Life is good.


5 Responses to Feb. 12-15 – The Blessings of Silence and Dreary, Wintry Weather – Panchakarma Days 15-18

  1. Gloria Mendel says:

    How long are you in India for?
    This blog has become the highlight of my day!

    • Jane says:

      Hi Gloria…
      my goodness! thanks for that wonderful compliment. Words like these are what push me to keep writing…even if I don’t always feel like it! Some days are just boring with nothing to write about…
      Anyway, I will be here, this year, for another month. Once I get home, I do not add posts until I get back here next year…but there are years worth of posts you could always read :-))))
      Have you subscribed to the blog? That way you get e-mail notification whenever I add a new post.
      Thanks again for taking the time to comment. WHere do YOU live? How did you find my blog?
      with love light and joy

      • Gloria Mendel says:

        I found your site in the most interesting way.
        There is a very famous yoga instructor here
        in the US who I heard on one of the morning ABC shows. She was talking about how she was going to India for the first time and how even though she doesn’t spend a lot of time online the internet has really changed the world and her husband had actually been emailing with a woman who lived in Israel and had been visiting rishikesh for many years and how helpful this woman was being in answering
        questions. So I googled rishikesh, blog, israel and there you were! I don’t know if you are the same woman she was speaking of in the interview but I found you none the less and couldn’t be happier!

      • Jane says:

        well well…I think it IS me! I have been corresponding with a man from Carolina (north or south don’t remember), I think…anyway, he is coming with his wife and arriving next week…and since he calls himself Ganesh, I new there had to be an explanation for it as this is not your typical american name. But I know nothing about him except that he sounds very nice and will be here soon. I will find out more once he gets here…I’ll ask if his wife was indeed interviewed on ABC recently.
        What and small and utterly amazing world we live it!!

    • Jane says:

      PS…You might want to check out my other blog, where I do write from time to time while not in India…It is entirely different than this one but you might find it interesting as well…many interesting topics to browse through…


      You can find it on the sidebar of this blog and just click on the link to get there easily.
      Have a great day

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