February 28, 2011 – Day After Panchakarma, Final Checkup, “What Do I Want to Eat First??” – and a Really Weird “Coincidence”

February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011 – Day After Panchakarma, Final Checkup, “What Do I Want to Eat First??” – and a Really Weird “Coincidence”

Ram Jhula from the distance on a busy sunny morning

The weather has shifted and I am finally wearing my summer suits! I am now sitting at Flavour’s restaurant having just ordered my first breakfast after panchakarma:  Aloo Parantha and Masala Chai! (I was not disappointed when the food was served to me J)))))

I sit at an open window, a lovely breeze on my face, looking out at the sunlight dancing on the Ganga below. Tears of joy and gratitude flowing.  I have a very short time left and will be “being” completely in every moment.

Before coming down for breakfast, I went into Dr. Arora for my final checkup.  My pulse was excellent, as was the balance of my doshas.  My “emotional” pulse was very high, but there is good reason for that.  Otherwise, there was a definite improvement in my condition from when I began…and the full benefits are usually felt only 2-3 weeks later anyway.  And during this entire panchakarma, I did not loose any weight – which is a first for me.  Lovely!

After finishing my breakfast, began getting together my final parcel home at my favorite ayurveda chemist shop in Ram Jhula, and then took a rickshaw back up to Tapovan.  Stocked up on a few things I needed in my room, walked home, chatted with some friends on the way up and then found my way up to my warm, sunny rooftop.  I spent most of the day up here, enjoying the sun and warmth, doing needlepoint, reading, and relaxing.  Eventually went down for lunch, which in the end was pasta with vegetable sauce (very similar to steamed veggies and chapatti, no?), and it was again, not disappointing.  I’ve just finished drinking a glass of hot spiced milk with my chawanprash ( tonic taken after panchakarma to continue the rejuvenation process and restore energy levels) together with a cinnamon roll.  It is 5 PM and I am still outside in my short sleeve cotton suit, barefoot, and quite comfortable!!  Life is indeed wonderful.

I have been approached by a couple of people to teach them Reiki, I could really use the money, but have a definite feeling that I should NOT be doing anything over the next couple of weeks but enjoying myself and my freedom before coming home.

Tomorrow I hope to take care of a couple of more errands I have, the next day go into the market and develop some photos for people here and visit Papu Lassi for the best lassi in India, and that will leave me plenty of time for just “being” until I leave for Delhi and home.

The place is swarming with tourist, especially young Israelis, and VERY noisy.  I had become so accustomed to the quiet here, I have having difficulty adjusting.  But just a week ago, there were just three occupied rooms here, and now there are NO free rooms and this guesthouse alone has about 25 rooms.  All the other guesthouses in the area here are also at full capacity.  Motorbikes galore, noise until the wee hours of the morning, thank goodness for my ear plugs.  For the local people, it is a big boon after the last couple of really difficult, cold months and I am happy for them.  But for me it is strange seeing so many people all of sudden.  Like being forced out of a quiet, almost silent retreat without proper preparation.

I was also lucky to do my panchakarma when I did, where I was almost always the only person there and got full and generous attention.  Now the place is “jumpin’” and I am also happy for them, but glad I am not doing my treatments now.

A couple of days ago I pulled a Tarot card for myself:  “easy does it” – “There is no need to hurry or force things to happen.  Everything is occurring in perfect timing!”  This has certainly been true until now, and trust it will continue to be true as I return home to my “other” reality.

A REALLY funny thing happened today as well.  About 6 weeks ago, someone back home asked me to help him put together a parcel of Ayurvedic remedies for him from my chemist here.  I preferred not getting involved for certain reasons and wrote back to him, telling him it would be better if he did it directly with the chemist, rather than me as a middle man…I gave him the chemist’s e-mail and forgot about the whole thing.

Today, when I went into the chemist to prepare my OWN parcel to ship home, what did I see laying on his counter?  A neatly labeled parcel ready to be shipped to…you guessed it…that same person who had asked me to it for him 6 weeks ago!  So even though I wanted nothing to do with it, the whole issue still wound up as part of my life, perhaps on a less intrusive level, but no less jolting and intense in its impact on me.  When the chemist saw me looking at the parcel, he asked “are you ok?”.  When I told him I know this person, he was astounded…what are the chances???

And now, I will continue to enjoy the lovely outdoors, as the sky has completely clouded over and have a feeling there will not be the same brilliant sunshiny day tomorrow as there was for past couple of days.  At least however, it is no longer cold.



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