Please “Like” Me!

Hi All,

Just a quick request…I have activated the Facebook “LIKE” button on my blogs.  At the end of each post is the option to press “like” , as well as a new option to send the post by e-mail to a friend, or even print it.

There is also a new option to “RATE” the post.

I would really appreciate all the assistance I can get in sharing these blog posts with as many people as possible, so if you can use the “like” button whenever a post “does” something for you, I would most appreciate it.

And if there is some post from the past which was particularly helpful or insightful or interesting for you, you can go back and “like” it as well.

Much thanks



2 Responses to Please “Like” Me!

  1. Yolanda says:

    I wish I could click the ‘like’ button but I’m not on facebook. But I do love your blog and wanted to let you know. I am visiting Rishikesh for the second time and your blog really helped me in preparing my trip. Last week I read about a famous american yoga teacher coming to Rishikesh and I was wondering who it could be. Well, yesterday I saw her in Laxman Jhula and had the nicest conversation with her. I recognized her right away from the Oprah show and you were right, she is a hugely well known and respected teacher in the states (I live in southern california). Anyway, I saw her and thought ‘is that who I think it is’? but then thought, no way. Then I remembered your blog from last week and realized that must be her. I approached her and she was super nice. It’s exciting to think I am in India at the same time she is. Anyway, I love your blog and thank you for all your work and time you put into it.
    With love, Yolanda

  2. Jane says:

    thanks for “liking” me anyway!! You can still “rate” different posts that you particularly like by clicking on the stars where it says “rate this” right above the Facebook button. Also, you can “like” posts right here on wordpress by clicking the yellow starred like button just above the comments, at the very bottom of the post. That just likes them right here on wordpress, which is also good
    Thanks for your support…it is what keeps me going at this
    with love light and JOY

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