Faces of India Part 6 – Kids

August 31, 2012

Kids of different ages, some at work, most of them however, happily at play! I just love the smiles on their faces and the joy they take from whatever they are doing. How they LOVE having their photo snapped and seeing the result afterwards!  🙂  And compared to the kids I know here, the schoolkids are so ,orderly and well behaved it is hard to believe!!  They still show true respect and awe for their teachers.  The rest of the world could learn alot just from this!!  Most, although not all of these, are photos of kids I know personally.

home from school

school trip to sarnath

school kids

school recess-always an outsider in any group of kids 😦

local gov’t school rishikesh

ready to dance

little shiva-rishikesh

learning to dance

vacation fun with ice cream



fancy wedding clothes

family vacation

cool sunglasses – he is a working houseboy

another young working boy

Faces of India Part 5 – People at Work-What is Your Job?

August 30, 2012

People at Work in India

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Hope you will enjoy the following photos.  Many of these jobs are found all over the world, but might look a little different or be done a little differently  in India, and some of these jobs are found ONLY in India.  🙂

bicycle rickshaw- Sooooo Indian

Only in India! -change maker for beggars

main ghat veg market varanassi-everything so fresh and beautiful to look at



sugar cookie vendor-found on the streets in the afternoon in time for Tea-the cookies are yummy!

Making a Sweet Drink from Raw Sugar Cane-Very often Long lines at these vendors

snake charmer

snack vendors-so colorful

snack vendor

Sari Merchant – It is Always Men selling these-as well as fabric in the following photo

Fabric Shop – Most women’s clothes are still made to order and one of a kind in India-although ready made and chain stores are beginning to make inroads with the spread of Malls

PLUMBER-let me figure this one out

electrician at work using Indian ingenuity for problem solving on the job

main ghat veg market-varanassi-everything so fresh and beautiful to look at

Cooking my morning porridge at local restaurant

Chai Walla

fruit stand

Fruit Vendor

Provision Shop

yoga instructor

Faces of India Part 4 – Prayers, Pujas and Piety

August 29, 2012

Prayers, Pujas and Piety-The Sanctity of All Life

This post will contain different faces of prayer, sacred ceremonies, piety and prayer in Indian life.  Everything, every event, every action is considered sacred and Divine by Indians.  Even a businessman, after receiving payment, will say a quick prayer of thanks over the bills he has been handed before placing them reverently and gratefully in the cash register.  Here are just several examples of small personal prayers or huge daily public pujas, but all reflecting the sanctity and joy felt by people for all the blessings so lovingly given to them each and every day by God.  I will post several photos full size here, but after the slideshow you will be able to view many more via the gallery.  Just click on a photo to enlarge it.

shiva decorated for festival


faces of piety at main ghat puja -varanassi


Puja for New Home


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Puja at Main Ghat Haridwar


faces of piety-Aarti Puja at Shiva ghat, Rishikesh


making scared music


sacred music concert


Flowers Ready for Puja Offerings

family puja







Faces of India Part 3 – How Do You Carry YOUR Load?

August 28, 2012

How Do You Carry YOUR Load?

Fodder for the Animals

Fodder for the Animals

Bringing in Food and Water During New House Ceremony

Bringing in Food and Water During New House Celebration Puja

how do you carry your load

home from shopping

prayers to Shiva, Laxman Jhula Rishikesh

Hands Free for Praying

Two Ways to Carry Stuff Across the Bridge

local gas company

wood for cooking

A Chat with Friends


Fodder for the Cow


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Faces of India Part II-Daily Life

August 26, 2012

Faces of India-Daily Life

Food Line at Ashram

Some of my favorite shots of daily life in India.  Most of the photos are taken in Rishikesh but could be taken most anywhere in India.  Check out the slideshow, as well as the individual shots in the gallery.  enjoy   🙂

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Faces of India-Part I – Along the Ghats in Rishikesh and Varanassi

August 26, 2012

People Along the Ghats in Rishikesh and Varanassi


I have begun my preparations for my upcoming trip to India and will be posting on the India Journal Blog from now on. I may from time to time post to my other blogs as well, but will always let you know here if there is something of interest elsewhere. 🙂

For now, I am doing mundane things like arranging visa, vaccinations, going over my travel packing list etc., but even these things bring me closer to dear India and so for me are exciting and full of joy.  I will begin, for the time being, a series of photo posts as going over these photos just fills my day with additional pleasure and decided to share them with you as well.

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I usually photograph and post landscape and Nature photos, but realized that I also have lots of “people pictures” and have decided to share my favorites with you. I will be posting the first ones here for those of you who have not yet found your way to the other blog, but hope you will continue to follow the series there: enjoy the slideshow above or click on the images below to see full size photos. 🙂


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