Faces of India Part 6 – Kids

August 31, 2012

Kids of different ages, some at work, most of them however, happily at play! I just love the smiles on their faces and the joy they take from whatever they are doing. How they LOVE having their photo snapped and seeing the result afterwards!  🙂  And compared to the kids I know here, the schoolkids are so ,orderly and well behaved it is hard to believe!!  They still show true respect and awe for their teachers.  The rest of the world could learn alot just from this!!  Most, although not all of these, are photos of kids I know personally.

home from school

school trip to sarnath

school kids

school recess-always an outsider in any group of kids 😦

local gov’t school rishikesh

ready to dance

little shiva-rishikesh

learning to dance

vacation fun with ice cream



fancy wedding clothes

family vacation

cool sunglasses – he is a working houseboy

another young working boy

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