The Countdown Begins!! :-)

September 6, 2012

In just a little over a month I will once again be back in India-specifically in Rishikesh.

I’ve been away much too long this time and the length of my being away has played havoc with all my systems.  Everything seems to be “out of whack”….have no explanation for this phenomenon, but am sure that once I get back, balance will be restored.

I will be back for an extremely short trip this time – for technical reasons having to do with my government pension benefits – and so once again, I will be experiencing a whole new type of Indian adventure.  I generally go for 3-6 months, and this time I will be spending only 6 weeks!  I look forward to seeing how this change will also change my sojourn there, and ME as well.  It will be another new and interesting learning experience for me…as is all life!

I look forward to experiencing it in complete acceptance, joy, gratitude and freedom from fear.

View Towards my Rooftop Room – Mine is the room on the right

…hope you enjoy it as well.  🙂



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