“Dynamite” and Clouds – Day 10 Panchakarma- October 23,2012

“Dynamite” and Clouds

The day began actually the night before.  This will be a short post but hope you enjoy the accompanying photos.

Yesterday as I left my treatment the doctor handed me a little packet containing a “treat” for the evening.  It is a combination of herbs which have a laxative effect and is the first stage of the cleansing process itself which now begins following the initial 10 tens of preparation.  But in past years it had little or no effect on my, so this year he gave me “dynamite”.  AND IT WORKED!  Enough said.

In short, I slept very little, and was exhausted from not sleeping and from the effects of the herbs during the night and morning hours.  So today I rested the entire day and by evening was feeling much better.  But it definitely was one of my more uncomfortable experiences with panchakarma.

But there is always a bright side to everything, and the evening provided me with a beautiful display of clouds which I always love seeing.

These look to me like water rippling…

Namaste from Rishikesh



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