A Room with a View – Catching Up-Nov 10 2012

Catching Up-Nov 10 2012

I am without internet in my room for several days-a true blessing in disguise as you will see from the coming posts.

I have been to a wedding during that time and photos will follow, but mainly resting in my room and on my sunny rooftop for reasons to be explained.  So, not being anywhere for several days, the only photos I can share with you today are from “A Room with a View”

These were taken yesterday during a hazy dusk period of time (he weather has been hazy for quite some time now due apparently to fires in the Punjab).  So even though I am confined to my small sacred space, there is always beauty surrounding me.

Hope to get the rest of the posts up over the next couple of days using the internet café downstairs-something I used to do every day, but have now become very spoiled having the internet in my room!

Namaste from Rishikesh

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