What I Didn’t Do This Trip – India 2012

What I Didn’t Do This Trip

There were a few simple things I had assumed (never a good idea) I would do this trip, even though my time was short.  My trip is coming to an end and so far, what have NO done, is the following:  (but you can see photos and read about these lovely outings in the accompanying post links from previous years)

Village Walk

Back to Nature and the Music of Water

Tapovan Village Walk

Through the Village and Up the Mountain

Mussoorie Trip and Buddhist Temple

Walk to the Waterfall

Aarti Puja at Shiva Ghat

These things will still be here next year – but it is honestly quite disappointing.  I’ll enjoy them vicariously, together with all of you, by re-reading the posts and enjoying the photos (and memories)

But I now have 10 days left after finishing my panchakarma, and I will be taking full advantage of them to have fun in other ways…walking around, eating in different restaurants, enjoying visits with my friends, and just flowing with each day as it comes.  On the 19th I have another wedding which will also be lovely I am sure.

Namaste from Rishikesh


One Response to What I Didn’t Do This Trip – India 2012

  1. herbert says:

    India is really good for tourists, it is really mix up with so many religious and combination of different worships. the village atmosphere is really awesome.

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