Just to let you all now that life’s journey continues even when I am NOT in India. 🙂

Not In India

Believe it or not, I found this Paradise just five minutes from my house.


I have been home from India for 3 weeks now and finally beginning to settle back into life’s daily routine.  There have been significant life changes since arriving home, which I will be writing about shortly, but to help ease my return to the reality here at home, I always feel the need to get back to Nature-something I live with daily, each moment, during my sojourns in India. I just open my eyes in the morning and find myself surrounded by the beauties of Nature.


Here at home, in the middle of the city, this is not always easy to find, and in the past always found myself needing to drive long distances to get close to Nature.


Just a couple of days ago, I went out with the intent of walking along the wintry…

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  1. Kev Ollier says:

    What a beautiful place you abode in Jane – and it took me 3 weeks to re-assimilate after India – or should that be it took 3 weeks for the brain to be re washed into western ‘culture’?

    • Jane says:

      thanks…yes – but there is beauty everywhere if we just do our best to be mindful of all the blessings surrounding us at all times. I actually do my best to keep part of India with me at all times after I come back to my other reality…which makes the “landing” so much softer. I find the new balance between “here” and “there” to be very harmonizing for me. Loving your blog…just don’t have much time to read these days! 🙂

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