Far From India But Beauty and Surprise are always with me

Not In India

Not In India But Life Is Still Beautiful

It can be very daunting coming back to “reality” after spending an extended period of time in India.  But to my surprise, it is even harder coming back to Earth after a short trip (I was only there 6 weeks this year instead of my usual 3-6 months).

So I made an effort to get out and about as soon as possible and had a lovely couple of days just a week after coming home.  A day trip to the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv












and then just a couple of days later, a walk around  near my house.  The weather was beautiful, the air fresh and clean, and of course the sights surprising and wonderful at every turn.  Just wanted to share some of these scenes with you here.


Life most definitely is beautiful wherever we happen to be


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