December 28, 2012

I don’t “like” this post. I LOVE it!! I’ve been trying to write posts about being on the Indian roads for years and they have NEVER come close to what this blogger has managed here!! Pure Genius I am still laughing out loud at some of the things you wrote. Superb! And every word completely true!!!

Trippin' Thru!


Our trip was blessed from the start because, although unbeknown to us at the time, we were met in the Bangalore arrivals hall by Lewis Hamilton very cleverly disguised as an Indian taxi driver.

If you only do one thing on your travels to India, make sure that you pre book a taxi to greet you with a sign with your name emblazoned upon it on arrival, otherwise the very first thing you will be subjected to the second you step through those airport doors is 3500 taxi drivers who all want you in their cab and all have a hotel that you must stay in, whether you’ve booked one ahead or not.

Our driver had driven 4 hours from Mysore, had waited over an hour at the airport and then driven us back to Mysore which took 5 hours because of a serious road accident, that we thought he might have…

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