January 20, 2013

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Blog of the Year Award 2012

January 19, 2013

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Oh my!!  I’ve been awarded this lovely Award by Peri at Peri’s Spice Handle.  I am completely surprised, but humbled and greatly honoured as well.  If you have not as yet visited her blog, and you have a love affair similar to my own with India Cuisine, I urge you to rush over as soon as possible.  Her blog is designed to ” add Indian-inspired flavors to everyday favorites and tweak Indian classics for a more global appeal’.  And she does a superb job of  this.  Her recipes are always delicious to eat, but also exact in measure and instructions which makes them a joy to try out.

Peri honored my blog with the following comment which I would like to share with you: “Namaste Jane:) Your site and posts on India thrill my soul. I visited India vicariously thru you this year! Thank you for …being such a great ambassador for India”  Couldn’t ask for more, as this is one of the reasons I continue to write my India Journal.

I have taken a kind of retreat from blogging the past couple of months, and plan to continue this for some time now, and normally would not be accepting this award.  But there is one blog which I feel I MUST present it to and so below please find a link to the rules which govern this award.

And I present it lovingly to Nicole of Cauldrons and Cupcakes.   Her daily posts are a true inspiration to me and would highly recommend you take a look at her wonderful blog.  It is the only one I continue to read daily during this retreat period. (Well, I do continue to check out Peri’s recipes as they come along – but that is not really blogging – that’s treating myself to delicious food!!  🙂  )

Here is the link to the Blog of the Year 2012 “rule page”:

Rules for the Blog of the Year Award

…and my congratulations to YOU Nicole.  I know I am not the first to award this to you, but if anyone deserves the full six, it is most certainly you.

with love light and JOY


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