~ Hindi (Bollywood) Movies with ENGLISH Subtitles

August 17, 2013

just came across this and thought any lover of India would love this post! Enjoy!! 🙂

really worth opening the full post and seeing the enormous collection of links to full length movies!! Enjoy!!


Note: Click on Title to watch…..Latest (2000 to 2016) movies (With/without English subs)

Latest Hindi Movies (Check all links)  :   

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Search Link-D       Search Link-E       Search Link-F

Before 2014:

  1. Hindi movies (English subtitles)-Search link1
  2. Hindi movies (English subtitles)-search link2
  3. Hindi movies (English subtitles)-search link3
  4. 2014 Hindi movies- search link-1
  5. New Hindi Movie – search link
  6. 2013 Hindi Movies Search link 1 
  7. Hindi movies full – search link
  8. Search link-2   
  9. Search link-3 
  10.  Search link -4  
  11.  Search link-5
  12.  Search link-6     
  13.   Search Link -7   
  14.   Search Link-8


Hindi Movie Play Lists with English Subtitles (All FOREIGN Languages with Closed Captions-CC). 

To change your preferred language subtitles – Click on ‘CC’ -> ‘Translate Captions BETA’  below every clip on bottom…

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