Panchakarma Nov-Dec 2013

Panchakarma- Nov-Dec 2013

Color along the Ram Jhula ghats, Rishikesh

Color along the Ram Jhula ghats, Rishikesh

The photos in this post have no connection with panchakarma. They are just here to keep your interest and add some color to a fairly boring topic! 🙂
For those of you who have been following my blog for years, you know that I do a month long session of Panchakarma treatments each year. This is part of the Ayurveda (ayur=life, veda=science….thus science of life…the ancient, thousands of year old Indian Medicine), approach to health and is a process designed to detox and rejuvenate the body. I have found it to be of enormous advantage to my health and this is just another reason why I come back to India each year.
Ladies on Holiday in Rishikesh-shopping of course

Ladies on Holiday in Rishikesh-shopping of course

If you want to refresh your memory about the process, or are new to this completely, you can check back to this link

to follow.a series of posts which give a full day by day description of the month long treatment from my experience. at the end of the post simple click on “next post” to read each subsequent days experience.
Or simply open the “panchakarma” listing in the categories on the sidebar and browse through the posts that interest you over the years.

Pink House

Pink House

As compared to previous years, this time seems to be fairly easy and conditions are perfect. First of all, the clinic has finally added an AC which must be great when it is hot, but also perfect now in the cooler weather since the clinic is no longer freezing cold making it very uncomfortable to do massages (even with hot water bottles and blankets for warmth), take showers etc.
In addition, it is really quiet this year. Very often there are a score of people, as many as 6-8, doing the treatments at the same time….making it all very hectic and stressful and not conducive to being truly relaxed during the daily sessions. It can feel at these times like a panchkarma production line!! It is fun being there and meeting new people, but I much prefer the situation I was lucky enough to fall into this year. It is just me, one other young French girl and a German man (who I actually know from 6 years ago…nice seeing him again).
So we each have our own time, the therapists are not rushed and hassled, and we are each given full attention and concerned care. Just adds to the entire experience making it so much more pleasurable.
Just a Nice View

Just a Nice View

I have also made the decision to cut myself some slack regarding dietary restrictions. I generally eat each day porridge (oatmeal) for breakfast, steamed veggies and two chapati for lunch, and kitcheri for supper. A fruit salad, or some dried fruit or fruit juice during the day if I am super hungry, and that’s it. More than anything else, it is extremely boring!!
This year I’ve decided to add some variety to the whole thing while still keeping to the basic dietary restrictions. So porridge every morning is OK. Kitcheri at night is also OK, especially this year that I am cooking my own each evening. But every day at lunch time to try to have some variety. Instead of just plain steamed veggies, I will try out different types of vegetable soup , which the restaurants are only too happy to make up for me as I request them, even they are not on the regular menu. And I try out different restaurants to make it even more “exciting”. I alway hated preparing my own veggies in the non-kitchen I have here…so this year, I have them prepared right here in the guest house. And to make sure I get the veggies I want, I buy them and supply them to the kitchen and then just have to wait while someone else cooks them for me. This was a brilliant upgrade for me as well.
Together with my dried fruits and fruit juices and fresh papaya and chico during the day, I am so far quite content and not bored at all and I am more than half way finished with the treatments at this point.

Ghats Across the Ganga

Ghats Across the Ganga

Jane 🙂

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