Today is the first day of the beginning of the rest of my trip…and time seems too short. Just three weeks to go before I head home. But I know deep down that this is also right as wonderful new adventures and surprises await me at home.
(By the way…the photos in this post have nothing to do with panchakarma finishing…just posting them, some of my favorites, to keep the post more interesting!!)
As for panchakarma ending…well, it’s not just that I was not free to do whatever I wanted the past few weeks. And it’s not just having to eat the same food each and every day…I can deal with that.
It is now having the freedom to WEAR anything I want for one thing. Can you imagine having to wear the same thing every day? Why you may ask? Because I have a couple changes of clothing here just for panchakarma. The oil from the daily massages just about ruins everything, so I am limited to those two changes of special junky clothing set aside for panchakarma. That’s even worse than having to EAT the same thing every day!
And my hair!! For the first time in 3 weeks I can actually wash it and then fix it up to look nice and not worry that in 1/2 hour’s time it will be all oily and yucky again!
So I am now dressed in a beautiful suit, Indian style, my hair coiffed to perfection, matching jewelry accessories, makeup put on and just feeling sooooooooooo good.
No plans to go anywwhere until this afternoon when I meet Devi at one for a visit to her home.
But for now, just relishing in all the new freedom I am feeling, and had to share the good feeling.
So many blessings….so much to be grateful for!
with love light and JOY

6 Responses to END OF PANCHAKARMA DEC 9 2013

  1. juliecrombe says:

    The first picture is to die for! Gorgeous view!
    Please check out my blog and let’s follow each other!

    • Jane says:

      hi Julie
      thanks for the compliment. I love the ram jhula sunsets and never get tired of photographing them. Will check out your blog as well πŸ™‚

  2. That must be such a relief, Jane, looking good is a good feeling…I couldn’t help smiling at the post, I have the same peeve, oily hair just ain’t my thing! As a kid,my sisters and I had to leave oil in our hair overnight every Saturday, a special pillow case was reserved just for that:) Love the picture, keep ’em coming…

    • Jane says:

      hi peri dear. Been doing a lot less blogging this year but enjoying the few that I have posted and nice to know there is at least one someone out there who enjoys reading them as well….and even “gets” it. πŸ™‚
      much love

  3. gerri says:

    You make me long for rishikesh, my husband and I had such a fabulous time there, it is still part of or daily conversation. Your gorgeous photos bring all the glory back in fine detail. Enjoy the rest of you’re time there, and keep blogging. I live vicariously thru them….

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