Chole Bhatura from Start to Finish

Chole Bhatura from Start to Finish

chole bhatura

chole bhatura

Chole bhautra is an amazingly delicious treat prepared from chickpeas in a wonderfully spicey sauce and served together with Bhatura, a fried, puffed, light bread.

rolling the dough

It is a sinfully delicious Indian snack/meal and I was privileged to eat it during my stay this past year in Delhi with my dear friend Preeti and her lovely husband Sudeep.

starting to puff up

deep frying and starting to puff up

Golden brown and puffed to perfection

Golden brown and puffed to perfection

It is a popular Punjabi dish but is now enjoyed all over India. I’ve posted a series of  photos of the entire process in case it interests you…watching the preparation and all the effort involved made me even more grateful for this wonderful meal!

Chole Bhatura


much love light and JOY


6 Responses to Chole Bhatura from Start to Finish

  1. Jane says:

    Reblogged this on Not In India and commented:

    This is what I do when I miss being in India and am hungry at the same time. Look at photos of food I’ve eaten there!! Enjoy!

  2. Love this, Jane, absolute favorite! So authentic with all the accompaniments:)

    • Jane says:

      I have lots of photos of the meals I ate at Preeti’s house. She is an amazing cook, quite young, and everything she serves is not only delicious but aesthetically pleasing as well. I am planning a few posts with just photos of her meals! But I do miss her cooking, as well as a couple of other friends as well. But to serve meals like this three times a day, the typical Indian housewife spends most of her day in the kitchen! 🙂

  3. Jane, I like going thru your blog entries. It is like visiting India on my ipad! Do check out my blog if you have a minute, you will find indian parsi recipes.

    • Jane says:

      Thank you so much! I definitely WILL! Always happy to find new ideas for Indian meals…especially when I am homesick like now! 👍

      • Yes, whenever you feel home-sick cook up something healthy and nuturing. Comfort food like parsi dhansak dal (lentils, meat and vegetable dal) amd kababs hits the spot for us.

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