Back to Rishikesh 2015

India 2015-#1


It’s been much too long, but I am finally getting back to my blogging.  I have been in a strange place for some time now, neither here nor there, but in just a couple of weeks I’ll be back in Rishikesh to openly, JOYFULLY and gratefully receive whatever is waiting for me there.  I have not been back in two years, and that is a very long time for me, but those have been two extremely powerful and intensive years on many levels.  Health, financial, relationships, family, many great joys and other frustrating, disappointing and even frightening events.  All have strengthened me and help me learn and grow further, and I know the next three months in India will continue to bring new and wonderful experiences and surprises my way

Ram Jhula at Sunset

I look forward to seeing you all on a fairly regular basis with stories, insights and of course lots of photos.



2 Responses to Back to Rishikesh 2015

  1. יוסי says:

    . שנה מתוקה ,בהצלחה, רק כיף ושמחה

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