November 24, 2015




There have been several incidences over the past couple of weeks and two stand out particularly for their Divine synchronicities.

The first is the story of  my eyeglasses.  Over the past year I’d done two cataract surgeries and just before leaving home I was able to finally get a pair of eyeglasses for my new prescriptions  Knowing I was coming to India and things are so much cheaper here, I chose to get one pair of bifocals to see me through until I could have eyeglasses made up here…separate pairs for distance (driving) and reading.

Didn’t really know where to go and a couple of opticians were suggested (I didn’t need a optometrist since my prescription was completely up to date)..just needed to choose frames and have the lenses prepared.  As I got off the rickshaw (the one with 12 people in it!!)



at the market, someone tapped me on the shoulder, never pleasant in a crowded area in India…but finally from behind, an American accented voice said “Hello, how are you?”.  It was a person I know here for years, but never really speak to except to say “hi” when we happen to cross paths.  He asked what I was doing in the market and told him I needed eyeglasses…asked if I had some special place to go to and when I told him no, he said there is a great place he has been using since 1991 and proceeded to take me there.



Brought me to the place and instantly turned around and left, without even giving me a chance to thank up, but not before making sure the optometrist was there to receive me.

As soon as I walked in, I felt transported out of India and into an optician’s shop anywhere in the world….upstairs for an examination, even though I explained I didn’t need it as I had my updated prescription with me, but went anyway.  Was given a thorough examination and then the prescription was checked and to my surprised, one eye was no longer good.  Needed a slight adjustment, which was done, the new prescription handed to me and then downstairs to choose two frames,

Long story short, as I always have trouble finding suitable lenses as my face is very narrow, I usually need childrens’ size and then not much to choose from, here, there was an unlimited array of lenses to choose from, ALL of which fit me.



And then, hearing the prices, I finally decided to buy more than two.  In the end, I chose two for distance, two for reading and one further pair of bifocals.  And today went back and ordered another for distance with a frame I had chosen for reading which I particularly like.  And, think I will go back and get sunglasses as well.


Second story, also ending with beautiful synchronicity, (well, not quite finished as I don’t know the final result yet as I write this), concerns my brand new laptop with a touch screen.

One morning a couple of days ago I woke up to find the touch screen unresponsive…simply not working!  I only have this device 4 months!  It is under warranty, but I would have to wait until I get home to use it since I don’t have the receipt etc. here with me.  And no way of knowing if it could be fixed, if I’d have to backup everything and set up the laptop again after it being formatted, etc.

I was sitting with a friend who runs the cyber café just below my room, who is also planning to buy a similar Dell laptop like mine, and mentioned to him that the screen had suddenly stopped working.  A friend of his was sitting there and he said something to him in Hindi and then to me…”This guy works at the official Dell showroom here in town!  Bring it down and let him see it!  So I did…and when I opened it, and he began to touch it, it was working perfectly!!  Magic…go to the doctor and you are no longer sick kind of thin…we all laughed, I was relieved, and went happily up to my room, and to my great dismay, when I plugged it in and began working, it once again didn’t respond.  And then I realized, it had to do with the charger.  Just two days before my phone charger (also only 6 months old) completely stopped working and now I began to put two and two together, but took everything downstairs again to ask.  The Dell guy, as soon as I told him the story, understood that the problem was with the charger, not the screen.  Another guy sitting there said two nights before in several hours of erratic electrical current, two large screen TVs and two air conditioners were burnt out.  So, number one, I was lucky that my phone and laptop were not destroyed, and pleased to know that , hopefully, the solution was a simple one.

Today, the owner of the Dell place came over here from town, checked out my laptop, said it seems fine and it is only the charger, and hopefully tomorrow will bring me a new one.

It’s been an amazing few days with blessings from an abundant and loving Universe showering down on me all the time….I truly never have to worry as I am always being taken care of, in ways I certainly could never imagine, with the appropriate angels, in human form, always showing up for me when I most need them.





Release, Recoup, Reorganize

April 7, 2015

Release, Recoup, and Reorganize

cartoon flowers

Springtime is a natural period for cleansing, rebirth and rejuvenation. We see it all around us in Nature and feel it instinctively in ourselves.  Just as the caterpillar must retreat into his cocoon for this period of quiet resting before metamorphosing and emerging as a butterfly, so we must have the patience to quietly accept this period of “non-doing” to completely move forward into whatever new wonders and adventures await us down the road.

May I be blessed with the Faith, Freedom from Fear and Patience to truly make the most of this beautiful resting phase.

….a place to rest, wind down and relax following a period of extreme turmoil, particularly in the areas of financial security and relationships. This place can be of great blessing if we can muster the patience to appreciate the blessings of this place joyfully and gratefully and of course with great Faith in the wisdom and compassion of God and the Universe.

let go and let god

It is imperative that I take proper care of myself during this transition in all ways…spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally, without becoming anxious or fearful.

I have no idea where the path is heading or even if I will continue along the same path I am now on.  Perhaps big upheavals are in store, or perhaps little changes which will slowly lead me in a new direction.

My natural curiosity and impatience make this waiting difficult and I need assistance in curbing them.  It is an essential part of my daily prayer and meditation session now to request this assistance from God, the Angels and other Enlightened Beings and Ascended Masters.

Springtime is a natural period for cleansing, rebirth and rejuvenation. We see it all around us in Nature and feel it instinctively in ourselves.  Just as the caterpillar must retreat into his cocoon for this period of quiet resting before metamorphosing and emerging as a butterfly, so we must have the patience to quietly accept this period of “non-doing” to completely move forward into whatever new wonders and adventures await us down the road.

doing nothing2

“Sometimes doing nothing is doing something very Important”.

It would be wonderful to be able to peek through the fence, so to speak, and get a sneak preview of what lies ahead.  At times we may be given gentle hints if we are extremely mindful along the way. But not always.  Patience, and Faith, once again are the things we need to pray for most during this period of quiet “being”.

As a flower peeks through the fence, we would also love a preview of what awaits us

As a flower peeks through the fence, we would also love a preview of what awaits us

The unknown always brings up fears and these also must be acknowledged and released.  It is all part of the cleansing process which is preparing us for whatever the next stage in our life holds in store for us.

May I be blessed with the Faith, Freedom from Fear and Patience to truly make the most of this beautiful resting phase.

With love light and JOY


The Journey Home-Beginning the Final Countdown- Dec 15 2013

December 15, 2013

“…your outer life soon reflects your inner peacefulness…”



Every sojourn in India has its own personality. Its own distinct way of effecting my life. And always seems to address the most pressing issues of the moment in the most direct and efficient way. With messages, AHA moments during meditations, insights, even books “sent my way”., has

And of course this journey is no different.

I’ve come as close to a silent, solitary retreat as I feel comfortable with but its impact has been powerful as well as empowering.

I have done little blog posting, have had little interaction with others here (almost 100% less than on a usual sojourn), find the company of others extremely intrusive, have done no Reiki workshops or sessions, and despite the varied and ease of communication these days, have had little contact with friends and loves ones as well. Posting photos easily and on several different networks, has been my biggest form of communication this trip, and that requires very little true interaction. It is definitely a silent form of communication, very rarely requiring words.

But I have been talking to me, to God, to my guides, to the Angels, to the Universe incessantly and many profoundly deep insights about “how” I have been up until now in my life have surfaced. The myths I had been programmed to believe, and DID believe about myself, my perceptions about my abilities and limitations and my interpretations of these ideas…they all seem to finally be collapsing and opening the way for new, better and healthier ways of moving forward in my life.

I have been guided to question, and then understand so much of my previous self-sabotaging behavior and habits-things I accepted totally as “who I am”, without question. This process began slowly before I even left for India, but would have taken much longer to reach the stage it has (if at all) if I had not had these past two months to myself.

The insights are deep, end intimidating. I continue to pray daily for Freedom from Fear and complete Faith as I move forward, determined to make essential changes on both the conscious and subsonscious levels (easier said than done…our subconscious programming from childhood runs so deep). And I pray as well that my sincere intentions, efforts and focus will bring about much needed change in several critical areas of my life.

As I wind down my time here and get ready to joyfully return to my “other” reality, I am determined to succeedin having things “work” differently, and better, than ever before in my life.

….notes from the card chosen in preparation for my return home:

SHANTI:….through breath and intention you can stay centered no matter what’s happening in your life. This inner foundation of peace has a powerful healing effect. Your outer life soon reflects your inner peacefulness…


with love light and JOY

CARDS: Message from the Universe….or Coincidence?

December 7, 2013

“Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous”
Irene Hannon

During my morning meditation today I asked for guidance and direction as I start getting ready to “head home” in a few weeks. I was guided to “consult” with the cards



    Finishing up my panchakarma treatments and starting my last three weeks away-of being “being with” just me – of recharging and refueling – and having time to find clarity, direction and wisdom for what lies ahead.
    From two different decks of cards, each deck containing 44 cards, I was advised to draw one card each. Below are the cards I chose.
    It is not difficult to see that they are two sides of the same coin and make perfect sense when seen together. Each from a different deck. Each one complimenting the other and giving further insight.
    YOU may believe in coincidence – so be it, that’s fine. I personally KNOW these are messages to me about what always turns out to be my biggest problem- giving at the expense of my own wellbeing. Thus , the card directing me to “receptivity” as well. Not enough to be careful about how and when and why I give of myself….it is something which I do as a default setting…but I must also be careful to allow, even encourage others, to do for me as well and then receive graciously and joyfully and with gratitude.
    And to top this off….just 10 days ago, following a sirohdhara treatment, I once again had an extremely vivid dream whose messages were completely clear and straightforward.
    I don’t feel comfortable sharing the details of the dream here, but it’s final message deals with the exact same issue as the cards of today.
    Even if it IS all coincidence, as some of you may choose to believe, it STILL remains a powerful and important message for me.

    “Allow yourself to receive. This will increase your intuition, energy, and ability to give to others”

    “Time-out! You’ve been busy taking care of everyone else’s needs, but now it’s time to stop and take care of yourself”
    This second card is of course what I am doing here and now…with no problem. The trick is to continue to be aware and receptive to my own needs and ALLOW myself to take care of those needs, once I get home as well.
    with love light and JOY

Quiet Time – Message in the Cards – Nov 11 2012

November 12, 2012

Quiet Time – Message in the Cards – Nov 11 2012

From my recent posts you will have realized I am in forced R&R which I have now surrendered to and am actually enjoying.

But just o make sure I got the message – I was guided, twice during the past week to check my cards and choose one.  (unusual for me-I usually check the cards infrequently – never more than once a month and usually much longer).

You should know that I have two decks with me here in India, Goddess Cards and Angel Cards, and each deck contains 44 cards.  The chance of the same one card being chosen twice, at random, from the 88 cards is very slim.  I shuffle both decks very thoroughly before spreading and choosing one, after deciding from which deck to finally pull a card.

The first time, about 5 days ago, the card I chose was Quiet Time, and this made sense with everything that was going on.  But yesterday, when guided to once again choose a card, I was astonished when the SAME CARD found its way into my hand.!!

“Take some quiet time alone to rest, meditate and contemplate”

I guess they figured I wasn’t taking the first message seriously enough (which I wasn’t but had jus decided yesterday that I finally DID “get it”) and wanted to make sure it sunk in.

Just out of curiosity, I took the OTHER deck of cards and pulled one card as well.  And it just pushed the message further home for further thought:

“Time out!!  You’ve been so busy taking care of everyone else’s needs, but now it’s time to stop and take care of yourself”.

I guess the message is clear!

Namaste from Quiet (HaHa…It is Diwali Time-Definitely NOT quiet) Rishikesh

March 6-7, 2011- Vacation Days 5-6 – Knees, Books, Kitcheri, and Ram Jhula on a Sunshiny Day

March 7, 2011

March 6-7, 2011- Vacation Days 5-6 – Knees, Books, Kitcheri, and Ram Jhula on a Sunshiny Day

Sunrise this Morning

I have just finished reading a book “Dog Boy” by Eva Hornung and am speechless.  I sit here in shocked silence, choked with tears.  All I can say is, if you can find this book, you must read it. It was published in 2009 so should not be difficult to find. I usually just post the books I read with short comments on the tab marked “What I am Reading” at the top of the blog, but this time I MUST say a few words here.  There ARE really no words I can find to truly portray the stunning beauty and sadness of this book. It is sobering to say the least, the concept for the story not a new one, but the author has realized it magnificently.  Do your best to find this one!

Now let’s head back to yesterday.  As I mentioned in my previous post, my knee had been complaining after my long day of walking, so it was obvious to me that today would be a close to home day.  The knee was actually worse than I had imagine, and I found my self limping even when walking a short distance, and the stairs up and down from my room were really difficult and painful.

I spent a good part of the previous night, and the rest of today, doing Reiki, but then realized that the pain originated not in my knee but in the calf of the same leg.  I began to think that perhaps I had overdone something in yoga yesterday morning, and then the extended walking just aggravated the problem. (Good news is, the next day, when I am writing this, my knee is good as new and I will go out walking soon).

The day dawned beautiful and sunny again, and I was able to do my morning meditation, pranayama, prayer etc. outside in the sun.  Had a very light breakfast of hot milk with my chawanprash and dried fruit, and di a lot of reading.

And then a lovely young Israeli girl who had “heard” about me, came up to meet me, and we wound up having a lovely and intense (for both of us) session.  I received a powerful channeled message for her, and also was “adopted” by three angels at the end of the session.  It was really wonderful!

Then I went down for a light lunch of steamed veggies, but wound up eating a vegetable burger on a roll, with salad and chips!!!!  I just couldn’t resist and it was soooooooooo delicious.

Came up to my room and slept for a couple of hours to my great surprise, probably a result of the long day out the day before.

When I awoke, was outside again in the sun, and offered to cook dinner for my neighbor and me if she would do the shopping for the veggies…she happily agreed.  Just then, someone else came up to talk to me (the wife of the guy who I had emailed for quite some time – the yoga instructor who mentioned me on her ABC interview…this all in a previous post).  We had a pleasant talk for awhile but then the neighbor came back with the veggies and I had to excuse myself to cook kicheri for us.  Which I did!  And it was really nice cooking for someone else and eating with them…first time this trip I did this-forgot how pleasant it is to be able to cook for other people once in awhile.

The day ended pleasantly, outdoors, and I had a lovely sleep last night, waking early to the beautiful sunrise at the beginning of this post!  Pays to get up at 6:30 and go outside!

It is now after noon and I will be heading out soon for a short walk to make sure my knee is really OK…and will be back later with perhaps something else interesting to write.

Back from my short walk…only out for 4 hours…and my knee is fine, thankfully.

Had a very expensive lunch at the “spa” restaurant in Ram Jhula, and it was interesting but not something I would ever order again.  A wrap, made in whole wheat chapattis (4 of them on the plate – too much for me to eat – of grated beets and carrots in tehini with mint chutney on the side.  It sounds much better than it tasted, believe me.  But it was a change and the place is nice to sit at, so I can’t complain.  Walked around the ghats in ram jhula for a while and then came back,


Ganga Panorama from Ram Jhula Ghats

check out more scenes from today’s walk here:


did some shopping for the next week, visited with some friends staying at Seema’s and am now happily back on my rooftop where I will relax and read and play and listen to music for the rest of this lovely day 6 of my vacation.

cross the ganga and succsss your journey

Don’t forget to check out this link for some more shots of today’s stroll along the ram jhula ghat.






January 4, 2011 – BRRRRR…Unprecedented Cold – Monkeys, Winter Dress and Food

January 4, 2011

January 4, 2011 – BRRRRR…Unprecedented Cold – Monkeys, Winter Dress and Food

Ganga View from Restaurant on Cold Dreary Day

It is now 4 AM and I woke up for some reason, and instead of just tossing and turning and trying to fall back to sleep, which never works anyway, I figured I’d get my notes of the past day written up.
So I am in bed, under several blankets, with lots of warm clothes on, the heater turned on in the room and a hot water bottle to cuddle up to, and I am actually quite comfortable. One o f the nice parts of the cold weather are these lovely red winter carrots…so delicious..amazing flavor..and have only seen them in  India

Delicious Red Indian Carrots

But the truth is, as you may remember, last year was the coldest winter on record in North India. Well, this year has surpassed it over the past week! It has gotten colder with each passing day and yesterday, at the “warmest” part of the day, it was 10 degrees outside. (if you need a translation, that’s around 50 farenheit I think- but remember – that is the warmest it gets.) It is snowing in many places, but I imagine it is down to 2-4 degrees most of the time here…this is the weather I do my best to stay away from, but it has caught up with me and I am really really cold. So much so that I relented and bought a hat – which I seem to have lost after using it for the past two days. It actually did make a big difference being out with the hat on. If it continues like this, will just have to buy another I guess! I am also wearing a fleece jacket which I have never worn before in Rishikesh…I usually save it for Dharamsala, but right now it is keeping me comfortably warm during my walking around.

Dressing for Warm Weather

And I am obviously not beginning my panchakarma as planned. It will have to wait until it gets a little warmer. Nothing is heated here and there is no way to get undressed daily for massages in this kind of cold.
The biggest problem is the fog which is hiding the sun. Last year most of January was foggy like this and I hope this will not be the case once again. Although at the moment, I hear the usual Rishikesh night wind blowing for the first time in several days, so hopefully this will clear the fog and in the morning I will find the sun shining.
OK…back to my “adventures” of the past couple of days.

Sunday, out on the bridge, some interesting interactions with the two local types of monkeys. The beautiful grey and black lemurs, gentle and quiet, and the noisy, aggressive rhesus monkeys.
This lovely grey lemur is always sitting quietly at the bridge, where people usually give it stuff to eat. As I went past today, he was sitting as usual, when all of a sudden he got up from his seat, walked down and directly up to a person walking next to me, stood up straight on his hind legs and not aggressively, placed his hands on a snack the man was holding in his hands. He gently grabbed it, without pulling, as if waiting for the man to release it into his hands – which of course the man did without further prompting. He then very quietly walked back up to his seat, slowly opened the snack which was wrapped in newspaper, and quietly began eating it. Very interesting interaction.
And then, just further up the bridge, a rather large rhesus monkey, ran up to another man, with much shrieking and screaming, aggressively ripped a plastic bag out of his hand, ran off with it and ripped it open and gobbled up what was inside.

There is a very well known Vedic astrologer working here in Rishikesh, who also works in Germany and other places during the year, and although I myself have never felt the need to consult him, I have sent many other people to him who have always been amazed at what he was able to reveal to them during a consultation.
Well, this year, I’ve felt the need somehow to talk to him, beginning even before I left for India, and so I packed my Vedic birthchart (prepared for me in 2007 in Dharamsala) before leaving home.
And after the work I’ve been doing over the past couple of weeks here, and couple of very insightful Tarot readings, I knew the time had come to go see him. I went past his place a couple of times last week but it was closed, and I figured he was out of town, and yesterday decided to give it one more try. If he was still closed, that would be a message to me that I don’t need to speak with him.
As I approached, I saw it was indeed closed and was getting reading to leave, when someone came along and began opening up the shop. Seeing me, he asked if I needed to see Prateek. I said yes, he explained that he makes his appointments and just came in for a short time to check something, and if I wanted he could make an appointment. Long story short…I saw him today but he asked me to come back on Friday for a full consultation…so will let you know how that goes.
I also “just happened” to buy a book by Doreen Virtue before leaving home, called “chakra cleansing” which I threw into my suitcase at the last minute.
Well, this morning, I took it out and began working with it. I first worked with Archangel Michael on etheric cord cutting and then with archangel Raphael to send unconditional love to all those that I cut the cord with. It was very powerful together with the Tarot reading message regarding the changes in my life this coming year. I am curious to see if Prateek, the astrologer, will have any further insights to add.

I am now sitting in a new restaurant which opened in Laxman Jhula which looks lovely and promises good food,

One of the partners in it turns out to be the owner of the the Day and Night restaurant in Dharamkot, who is now here for the winter season. Although I doubt there are any more people here right now than there are in Dharamkot. Everyone seems to have fled South to the warmer weather sometime over the past week.

And of course, India means cows. Notice the interesting horns on this one..

And now…back to sleep and hopefully get this posted, along with some more pictures, when I get out later today.

January 13, 2010 -Early Return Home Story

February 2, 2010

January 13, 2010 -Early Return Home Story

You will not read this post in real time since I do not want my Mother to know of this change in my plans, so cannot publish it right now, but I have been through and interesting experience of truly listening to my heart , accepting with joy and freedom from fear all things, and experiencing true Faith in Divine wisdom and messages. (The next four posts will be in chronological order giving you a quick look at the final two weeks of my stay and my first week at home. )
Several days ago I received and intense understanding that I must return home to Israel at eh earliest possibly date. This has never happened to me before in India, especially considering the fact that I had less than one month actually be here anyway. It was an intense KNOWING that for some reason I must return home.
It has nothing to do with the feeling which people who spend long periods of time in India sometimes experience. That India is just “too much” sometimes and we need to get away for awhile. All kinds of little things which can really bum a person out after a lengthy stay. I was completely content here and at peace with everything so was certainly not looking for any reason to get away from HERE. And even if this WAS the reason, waiting a couple of days would simple find the feeling vanishing. But as the days went by the feeling that I must get home became even more imperative.
The entire feeling began to tickle me someplace inside on Wednesday evening, but kind of ignored it to begin with, assuming I was just missing my family, which sometimes happens. By Thursday, I felt like crying so intense was my need to get home, and even spoke to one of my daughters who of course said that THEY would be all very happy to see me earlier than expected, but I would hate myself after 3 days of being home for having left India too soon.
However, by Thursday evening I could no longer deny that some Higher Power was shouting at me by this time that I must GO HOME. To confirm this, I even picked a couple of tarot cards, with the first telling me to take a Leap of Faith and follow the true desires of my heart. The second instructed me to do what I knew I needed to do but first make sure that I properly research the entire matter before making the final decision.
So, Friday morning I headed off to find a travel agent who would do this for me, after also writing a letter to my own travel agent in Israel asking for her advice as well – but I knew it was already the weekend in Israel and I would not hear from her until Sunday. (That became Monday as she took the day off on Sunday).
I will make this as short as possible, and only say that I was asked to leave my ticket with the agent and he would check it for me and I should come back the next day.
When I came back, he said there was ticket available for 4 days later but with a 12 hour stop over in Amman….I told him I would think about it and let him know the next day, which was really stupid at the time, since the airline was closed on Sunday and by not reserving that seat, I stood a good chance of loosing it by Monday. But I was still following my heart and not second guessing my KNOWING. It was a truly stressful couple of days, with my literally being awake the whole night on Saturday night. By Sunday I was practicing every way I know to stay tranquil and cling to faith and joy to move me along. Monday finally came and I went back to the agent after telling him on Sunday that if he spoke to them before I arrived, to reserve that ticket for me anyway.
When I arrived on Monday, after some difficulties with the airline, and being notified that there were NO tickets available before my scheduled flight, he called the MANAGER of the airline in Delhi, whom he apparently knows personally, asking him to find every seat available for the next 3 weeks and to please call him back. And to MY great surprise, 5 minutes later, he called back and said there IS a seat available in a couple of weeks. I immediately reserved it, paid the extra fee for changing the ticket, and happily left, knowing that today, I would receive the new ticket in hand. A few hours later, the agent called me to tell me that there was even an earlier ticket available and do I want it and of course I said yes! So I will be home for my birthday, and although it is longer than 4 days, it gives me time to finish up the things I need to do here without hassle and stress, still have time for goodbye lunches and dinners with friends, some final walking around, and it is a GOOD connection in Amman with only the usual 2 hour wait.
It is the perfect way to do what I need to do and know this was all divinely guided and mastered for the best possible outcome.
True blessings as always.
I now happily sit in my room knowing that I have a pleasant 8 day vacation ahead of me! And I plan to use it to best advantage.

January 10, 2010 – Visit to a Friend and the Spice of Love

January 11, 2010

January 10, 2010 – Visit to a Friend and the Spice of Love

Sun Seen from Behind the Fog

This morning dawned with the sun making an valiant effort to shine through the fog (and finally managing by about 12 this afternoon for several hours at least)

Foggy Sun of the Morning

And so it was colder again, but not nearly as cold as last week.

Doing Its Best to Shine Through

I had promised to visit Devi, one of the massage girls who’s story you might remember from last year…very poor family but lovely people and always nice to visit (if not somewhat difficult due to a language problem). So this morning a went first for breakfast and had another “cooking class” as Lalita, due to her health issues, cannot work and so she has asked her brother, a chef with 10 years experience to come help her out. Well, he made the most delicious parantha (she SAID he makes much better ones than she does when I first ordered it and worried that she would not be making it)…and so I asked if he could show me how he stuffs them, since mine always “leak” all over the place when I roll them out. So he did!. It seemed so simple when he did it and I will try his technique as soon as I get home.
I then spent some time at the internet and finally met Devi when she finished work at 1. (Sunday the clinic is only opened ½ day). And to my lovely surprise, Laxshmi was also coming (her kids went with grandma to a beach outside of Calcutta for the three week winter school vacation so she is really having a holiday!), and the also said that my lovely new friend Eli would also be coming and would meet us at ram jhula.
So we set off and from that moment, until Eli and I left 3 hours later, none of us stopped laughing! It was really lovely. We arrived to find a new Read the rest of this entry »

December 19, 2009 – India Brings Me New Insights

December 19, 2009

This post is not truly about my India journey, but I feel it deserves at least a link here as much of what is written about in the post, I believe, is made possible BECAUSE of my being in India. My stays in India give me exciting opportunities for personal growth and insights, making my journey inward that much more productive than it would be if I did not spend this introspective time alone in India…so here is the link for those interested to a post entitled: Dreams and Messages, Tarot Cards and Understandings



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