News Flash!…A Whole New Concept in Panchakarma- Nov 3 2012

November 3, 2012

News Flash!!…A Whole New Concept in Panchakarma

Crowded Bridge During this Festival Season before Diwali

My diet during panchakarma is usually very restricted in order to get the maximum results from the detox.  Porridge in the morning, kitcheri at lunch and steamed veggies and chapatti for supper.  All with lots of ghee.  In between meals, fruit and nuts as desired and one glass of hot milk with ginger before bed.  That’s pretty much it.

I don’t usually feel hungry once I get used to it, but it gets soooooooooo boring that I feel like pulling my hair out at times. Especially when I sit in restaurants and see what everyone else is eating!!

This morning, I simply could not imagine another bowl of porridge.  So I went to ask Dr. Arora if I could perhaps, just this once, have something else.  I am feeling the need to “get my teeth into something”.  He asked me what I felt like having, and I blushingly said “Paneer Parantha”.  Without a second thought he replied, “Yes, for sure, why not?- Go have it and enjoy!!”

Which I did!!

But then, I realized, this was a one time deal.  And didn’t like the idea of going back to porridge.  So went back to the clinic and…

Sooooooooo Cute!

…. asked the doctor what he thought of the idea of having brown bread (no yeast) with butter for breakfast instead of porridge.  And his reply was, “Wonderful!  But you can put some fruit jam on it as well!!”

Wonder of wonders!  I asked why?  And he reminded me that this is a very easy , mild form of panchakarma, mainly to get my energy levels back up and my body balanced and vitalized again. You may remember that he already suggested TWO glasses of hot milk a day  together with biscuits (which I have been thoroughly enjoying).  And said if I had asked 2 weeks ago, he would have agreed then as well!!  (was embarrassed to ask then – but he was happy that I came this far with the full detox diet)

So, beginning tomorrow morning, I will have my lovely brown roll from downstairs, freshly prepared each day, with butter and sugar free blackcurrant and cranberry jam which I bought now. And will have my hot spiced milk together with it.  What a lovely breakfast treat, for the rest of the treatment days.

 It will be heavenly for sure!!  .  I am a very happy camper!

Namaste from Rishikesh

October 16, 2009- Happy Diwali

October 17, 2009

It is now actually the morning of the 17th and is the Diwali Festival (Festival of lites), which usually comes the same time as chanuka but this year is very early due to the Indian calendar.  So, back to yesterday, my first full day in Rishikesh this year:

Friday-October 16, 2009

Planned to bring in laundry, go to internet, change money, and then go visit dr. arora and girls, go for lunch at my favorite restaurant and then do my initial shopping and ask them to deliver.

Everything was going well, took and easy morning, had mixed fruit porridge and hot ginger, got dressed and was ready to go out when they told me the plumber, who didn’t come yesterday to fix the toilet which Is not working properly, was on the way.  “coming just now”…So I waited, spoke to some friends downstairs, he came, supposedly fixed it, made a real mess of the bathroom (and in the end it is not working and now is also leaking in another place and so he will have to come back, but tomorrow is diwali so I will wait until Sunday and suffer through the mess another day)….so I finally got out around 12, and DID get to the internet and to change money;   $$ is very low to my dismay….would have been better off with euro but what to do…no choice now.  Chatted with my Mother and another couple of friends, and finally went down to visit.  Spent a lovely 1 ½ hours with dr. arora (says no swine flu in rishikesh but one case reported recently in dehradun)  Asked him why the roads which were being worked on when I left 6 months ago didn’t look any different than they did then.  During the 4 months of monsoon, no work was done and they have just gotten back to work about 2 weeks ago-it is all supposed to be done by November but I have my sincere doubts that this will not happen.  He says it doesn’t matter –either it will be done, or, it won’t be done ! This is what India is all about…saw devi, one of the massage girls,  and my friend reingard from germany who is already in the middle of her panchakarma and we also had a nice visit.  Then went down and had a lovely lunch in my favorite restaurant.  It has changed and doesn’t have my very favorite dish anymore, has been redecorated but is still nice and it was pleasant seeing everyone again.  Also stopped by the wifi internet place and said hi….then went to the grocery with my list and he agreed to deliver.  So I bought everything I could think of to get started and it came to 2200 rupees which is about 200 shekel but I am set for some time now.  He delivered to my room and I also stopped to get some fruit and veggies, and sweets.  The grocery was out of many things though like tehini and ghee.  Being diwali, seems the big companies cannot keep up with the demand so they are making “fake” ghee to sell and the guy in the shop told me to go directly to the dairy and get homemade ghee which I did.

All in all it was a successful day and found myself back in my room at 4:30 very happy.  My legs are now a little cramped from all the walking which I am not yet used to but I didn’t find any of it difficult like I usually do when I first arrive, especially going up the hills, so guess I am in good shape this year.  Everyone who sees me tells me I look much younger than last year and the truth is at home I’ve also been told this so guess I look good because I feel so good.

One of the internet guys here is getting married end of October and has invited me, and this time I might think of going as it is INDOORS and could even be nice!

Came back to my room, got a few more things put away but still have to wait for Sunday to get the rest of the things I need for the room.  Gas cylinder will also not be here until Sunday…and my parcel with stuff I need has not arrived yet but hopefully will be in here in a couple of days also.

I fixed up the bed this morning and am now comfortably under my own blanket cover, using the nite lite my friend left me, and quite comfortable and at peace.

Sat out a lot this evening also and will now go happily to sleep, with plans of getting a massage tomorrow although things may be closed for diwali in which case I will just rest

It is funny how I can feel so much at home, as if I never left….and knowing everyone makes it all so pleasant.  Some friends will be arriving over the next couple of weeks as well and I’ve checked prices for several day trips, and hope to make them together with my friends…to share costs of taxis but also to have someone to share the fun with.

I will begin my panchakarma probably in 3 weeks or so  and until then make every effort to enjoy each and every day to the fullest.

Being here is once again a dream come true….I am truly blessed.

Love to all



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