December 13, 2009 – Day Trip with the Arora’s, Info Re: KumbhaMela and Special Break from Panchakarma

December 16, 2009

December 13, 2009 – Day Trip with the Arora’s and Special Break from Panchakarma

My travelling companions for the day

Dr. Arora invited me to come along with his wife Manju and my friend Reingard on a ½ day outing today. Sunday he only works ½ day. It sounded like a nice idea and when I heard there would not be a lot of walking around, as well as lunch at their house, I jumped at the offer.

But when I asked about what I would be able to eat at their house, he said “anything you want today…you have a holiday”, and well, he IS the doctor, and if HE said it’s Ok, who am I to contradict him…and it couldn’t have been a better way to end my first 3 weeks and begin my last three weeks. I think it should be a permanent part of the 6 weeks program!
It was a special lunch as it was also Reingard’s going away meal and included sahi paneer, subji with potatoes, tomatoes and peppers, palao, chapatti and sweets. And you simply cannot beat Manju’s cooking ever! I had a real treat and couldn’t stop eating.
We then set off for our trip towards Haridwar to see what preparations were already in effect, or being made, for the Kumbha Mela which begins mid-January. Before I say anything else, just a few words about the Kumbh. It takes place Read the rest of this entry »

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