March 2, 2011 – Two Week Vacation in India – Day One!

March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011 – Two Week Vacation in India – Day One!

Butterfly on the road - wish I could have put my hand near it so you could see how huge it is.

Butterflies always represent freedom to me, and seeing this on the road just as I stepped out today on the first day of  my self-declared 2 week vacation, was an confirmation that this indeed is a time for me to be free and do as I please! I am most grateful!

Ruskin Bond never fails to amaze, amuse and move me with his writing. I have been “away” from him for a couple of years , and just now, at the used book shop, his latest book fell into my hands…a collection titled: “The Book of Nature”, has kepe a smile on my face for the past ½ hour, ever since I opened the first page.
I am in the restaurant that to my taste, has the best masala chai and definitely the best grilled cheese sandwich in Rishikesh. Made with yak cheese on brown sour dough bread and grilled to perfection in a real grilled cheese griller – with tomatoes and olives added! Well worth the ½ hour I had to wait for it to be prepared!
Today dawned quite warm and sunny – although now, at 2 PM it is overcast. I left in my summer clothes and sandals, did some errands and found it hot enough to warrant my seeking a cool place to eat for the first time this trip. Until now I’ve looked for a sunny place to warm my bones. So I sit at the Ganga View restaurant, hot from waling, and discover that they also serve up the very best cold coffee I’ve tasted in a very long time-and not just in India.
It’s been a lovely day, the first of what I have designated as my 2 week vacation in India before coming home.
There is nothing left that I “have” to do…only what I WANT to do.
Tomorrow morning I am invted to Seema’s house for methi (fenugreek) parantha. Then for a complimentaty massage at Dr. Arora’s given to me as a gift from Manju, his wife – the same therapist I wrote about in my post: “The Poetry of Massage”-


I am looking forward excitedly to this lovely, and unexpected treat.
Yesterday I worked in the evening with a lovely client, who came for a second consultation just now. I feel very privileged to continue to serve and to have these lovely people sent to me by the Universe.
And here is a link to some interesting photos I snapped today…the town is FULL of people, both western and Indian tourists – many here for Shivratri Festival – others for the International Yoga Festival, and others just for the weather and comforting energies of the Ganga.
Sorry…as I do not want to compromise my downloading of “House” with Emule, my connection is too slow right now to upload photos. So a link to some really cool photos will be waiting for you later this evening or tomorrow titled: “How Do You Carry YOUR Load?”

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February 10. 2011 – Reiki, Tarot and Shopping!

February 11, 2011

February 10. 2011 – Reiki, Tarot and Shopping!

Clouds over the Mountain

I mentioned previously that a couple of days ago I had an urge to go shopping.  For those who know me, this is quite uncommon for me as I really dislike shopping.  Strange for a woman, but true.  But for some reason I had this urge to go to my favorite seconds shop in town where I always find lovely stuff to bring back for me, as well as the place I get my cotton trousers for Israeli summers.  I had a lovely time shopping, found some lovely things, but still didn’t quite understand where the urge came from.  I don’t have excess money this trip and honestly did not think I would be purchasing anything new.

Well, seems the clothing was already pre-paid but I didn’t realize it until a couple of days later.

A local young guy here had been asked about a Reiki teacher by someone at his guesthouse and he asked me if I am working this year.  I wasn’t quite sure what to reply as I haven’t considered doing it right now, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to meet the person.

He brought around a lovely young English girl, we talked, she asked questions, I had the thrill of feeling the satisfaction I always get from teaching, and also mentioned to her the possibility of tarot readings when she noticed the cards in my room.

Well, long story short….the next day, yesterday, she turned up at my door with a friend, both asking for Tarot reading!.  The readings were wonderful, a pleasure for me to do, always surprising me with their accuracy and with the assistance they afford people who are at crossroads in their lives….and, the full amount that I paid for my purchases while out shopping, was covered by what the two girls paid me for the readings!!

Lovely to say the least.

I have some additional writing and posting of photos to do, but for now will end here and go back to enjoying life.




February 7, 2011



Just had to write about this.  There are two general stores in the Tapovan area and when I first began coming to Rishikesh would give them both equal business, but very soon discovered that it was much more worth my while to shop at the Pundir shop instead of the other one.  MUCH better service, as the two brothers who run it are lovely and helpful and always give service with a smile,


their prices are very reasonable and on many items much much cheaper than the other shop, and I have NEVER brought home a package of spoilt milk from their shop, something which used to happen to me fairly regularly when I purchased at the other shop.  In addition, if you make a large order which you really cannot carry home, they will deliver!! 


I have never needed anything while in rishikesh which I was not able to purchase at their shop.  In addition to the items available on the shelves, the attached shop serves for additional stocks of dried goods, spices, oils, eggs, milk, curd and much more.  And if there IS something which I need that they don’t have, they will get it for me.  I can even get my batteries, hot water immersers, toothbrushes and pretty much anything else which comes to mind.


So, when they began to renovate last month, and expand the shop, I was very excited.  It is now ready and although there may be shops like this in the larger cities, and if you live in the West, this is nothing special, for Rishikesh it is a true pleasure to walk in and shop here.  You can now walk around and see EVERYTHING which is available, lots of it behind glass to keep it clean.  Like a very small type of supermarket…and the variety of goods available is quite amazing.












If you ever get to Rishikesh, step in for a look.  It is up in Tapovan, not far from Swiss Cottage.  Tell them Jane told you to come around!  You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee you!!


January 19, 2011 – Sun, Sweet Lassi and Indian Paradox -Impressions of a Changing India

January 19, 2011

January 19, 2011 – Sun, Sweet Lassi and Indian Paradox -Impressions of a Changing India

Just a quick post.  Woke to a lovely sunny morning and decided it was a good day to go into the market and do some errands…some things I needed to purchase and ship hope.  I usually wait until my last couple of weeks and am then hassled, and the weather is hot.  So decided to do it while it is still cool and I am in no hurry.  And as usual, what should be a quick trip to the shop became a full day’s work.  And I still have to return again to finish the transaction and get the parcel off in the mail. But that’s fine.  No hassle…typically Indian and I don’t mind it at all.  I know that it is possible to do just one thing a day here, and so technically life becomes very simple.


My Dinner Waiting to be Steamed While I Post This!

When I returned from the market, pleased that I had done the basic work of getting the stuff purchased and ready for the post office, I sat for awhile to talk to some friends in the next guesthouse and then returned to my room and didn’t feel like cooking.  I ordered room service and where, until today, there would be no question about my ordering chai to drink to warm me up, today, for the first time since I’ve been here (a whole month already), I actually ordered my first LASSI.  Delicious as always and it hit the spot, proving beyond a doubt that very slowly the weather is warming up.  Nothing drastic, but enough to be able to enjoy a cold lassi on the rooftop in the sun!

While purchasing the items to ship home, among them, two pressure cookers, I had to sit and wait for some time in the “pot shop” and the owner and I began chatting over chai.  I mentioned how I’ve noticed prices going up in India drastically from year to year.  Asked how people managed and he said that salaries are also rising.  When I asked however, about the poor, who don’t get salary hikes, he simply bobbled his head and said “what to do…too many poor people”.  And then went on to tell me how expensive his vacations have become.  He told me that it was just as cheap to go to Macao and Hong Kong as it was to vacation in India.  Didn’t understand how this could be possible, until he told me about his vacations in Chennai, Hyderabad and Goa.  The one in Goa for example, cost him, for him and his wife, for a 3 day vacation, 60,000 rupees!!  Yes, that’s right.  That is about $1500!!!  I don’t even remember the other prices her quoted to me, but they were equally astounding, at least for me.  He said he only stays at 5-7 star hotels (never heard of a 7 star hotel personally).  I said that I only stay at “0” star hotels and he laughed.  I commented that he must be selling an awful lot of pots to be able to do this and he bobbled his head, laughed and said…”yes, many pots for sure!!”

He then began to tell me about the wonderful malls springing up all over the country and when I mentioned that they seemed very expensive, he agreed but said that is because they sell only the best quality and of course it is OK to spend a lot of money for good quality.  He says his wife loves to go shopping at the malls and travels for hours to get to one and spend money.  Apparently, India is not far behind the rest of the world as far as consumerism is concerned.  I just find it so disconcerting when I look around and see all the poverty everywhere.  It is difficult for me to accept, but the average Indian doesn’t seem to think there is anything out of place, or paradoxical about it.  That’s just the way life is.  Some people are poor, and will always be poor, while others have been blessed with upward mobility and will climb as far and as fast as they can!

This would help explain all the new building going on even here in Tapovan Village…


New Private Flats Under Construction Replacing Open Fields in Tapovan

mostly flats, not guesthouses or hotels.  What you see in this picture, and others I posted a couple of days ago, was just a year ago open fields…now there is barely room to walk between the buildings! Seems many retired couples are purchasing  small one-bedroom flats in the “suburbs” and even some young couples are purchasing them as “first flats” before they move on to something better.



That’s it for today….

January 8, 2011 – Pivotal Day and Solitaire Affirmations

January 8, 2011

January 8, 2011 – Pivotal Day and Solitaire Affirmations

The post below was written late last night and it is now the next morning.  I have just come in from a beautiful meditation out in the sun.  Yes, the sun! I rose brilliantly over the mountain at 8:30 this morning, and although still quite cold, its warmth penetrates to the very depths of my soul – bringing with it renewed positive energies to both body and soul.  Things are certainly looking brighter!!

What do I mean by “pivotal” ?   Pivot, as in “turning point”. Until today I was confused, unsure of my decision to be here, even questioning my ever returning to India in the future.  Feeling guilty about not being at home, not being able to relax and find my contentment and wellbeing as I usually do when returning to India.

I finally made an appointment as you may recall with a well regarded astrologer here…in the past I had never felt the need for clarification or guidance when in India.  But this whole year has been unsettling for me and I deeply felt the need to consult him.  I was guided as well to do this by my inner voice.  On the way down to my appointment today, I had already checked the possibility of changing my ticket and returning home!

Well, seeing him was exactly what I needed.  Things have completely turned themselves around since my talk with him, and I am feeling at peace with just being in the moment, for the first time in more than a year…yes, since LAST year at this time when I was here and making arrangements to fly home early.

There were many things he spoke about that were astounding…but not things I will share here – too personal and dealing with many of the people in my life, as well as past lives.

But the bottom line is, what he told me (without my ASKING the question myself), was that I must stay in India until March-April and do basically one thing:  TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!!.

His specific advice was to do lots of meditation, take very long walks everyday, STOP EATING SWEETS (how did he know that I’ve had a craving for sweets for months now and have been eating enormous amounts…something which I generally keep completely away from!!), as they are very bad for me, and get someone to do several good healing sessions for me.  All the rest were things which were of great help to me in doing further cleansing and releasing, in understanding many things that were beyond my comprehension until now regarding relationships, as well as in coming to terms with certain situations in my life…even talking about a future relationship for me…but again, the main issue was taking care of myself completely.

He also said that I must go back to teaching, as I am very good at it, it gives me great satisfaction and energy, and also will bring me my financial security.  BUT NOT NOW. Now is for healing myself.

In addition, just “by chance”, two of his students were there.  One of them was using one of the new netstiks I’ve been hearing about and not only was he very pleased with it, he told me exactly where to go to get a wonderful deal, which will make it even cheaper than using the local internet café for 1 hour a day…and I will have it for 24 hours a day.  Which means being here will be easier since I will have easy access to my family…something which was difficult for me to deal with.  And the other student, is a Reiki Master with wonderfully gentle energy who will be coming to me on Monday to begin a series of healing sessions!  Everything taken care of in one place, Divinely programmed, to bring me to the place I need to be at the moment, easily, and with no fuss and bother.

I will go during the week to set up the internet and then will just make sure that I do not abuse it!  It will be a good form of self-discipline for me.

A friend is also going tomorrow to see if he can fix the problem with my mobile phone, so maybe I will have an end to that story as well to share.

Having been given “permission” to relax and “do nothing”, I will now allow myself to begin to flow with things gently and with compassion.

I am truly blessed.


Ok…I know that what I write now will sound nonsensical to most of you, but for me it is just another affirmation that something right is beginning today…something which will make me a “winner” for me.  I play different types of solitaire from time to time.  The games involve mostly skill as opposed to the regular solitaire which is mostly luck.  I don’t often win these games.  I just played a game now called Aces and Kings…over the past several years I have played a total of 272 games.  I just now had my 6th win (!) out of all these tries.  For me, this is a very positive message that I am finally heading down the right path.

OK…more unbelievable….I’ve played several different versions of solitaire when I couldn’t fall asleep (my fault-forgot the time and drank coffee at 5 in the afternoon), one called Cruel which I win about one in every 30 games, and I won tonight…in first game I played.  And then another one called Terrace which has about a 25%  chance of winning and I  ALSO won! You have to understand that I can sometimes play for weeks and never win even ONE game in ANY version I am playing…this is really quite amazing and definitely unusual to say the least.  I think this is all just to give me even more confidence that I am on a true winning streak and to really release all fears and worries and just let things flow.

OK again…decided to check the theory…there is one game, Aces Up, which is about 90% luck, and has about a 5% chance of winning…and guess what???  Yep…won that also!!!!


January 5, 2010 – Photo Post – Rishsikesh Market and More

January 5, 2011

This will be mostly a picture post.   Some views from my balcony of monkeys visiting and eating the flowers for breakfast,  views from the Rishikesh Market where I went today to get a squeegie to wash the floor in my room and to visit a friend for a delicious lunch, and this picture of a lovely breakfast I prepared yesterday…

Compliments of my dear friend Yael who graciously shared her amazing recipe with me for “sort of” cheese tomato omelette!!

views from the Rishikesh Market

note the shoes left outside the shop

Bangles for Sale

Jewelry and Headpieces for Rent for Bride and Groom

and more bangles

Flowers for Puja Ceremony on Ganga

Beggars Near Ghat - Note the Contrast between Beggars with Bare Feet and Cars on the Street

And some Morning Visitors for breakfast on my rooftop!



December 25, 2010 – Xmas Once again in Rishikesh

December 25, 2010

December 25, 2010 – Xmas Once again in Rishikesh

Ganga View at Ram Jhula

Lovely couple of days but nothing much to write – phone still not working (typical Indian story just so that I cannot forget I am actually here!), but I did get my gas balloon today so tomorrow can begin cooking for myself, which is always a pleasure. Had a pleasant day out and about, and have been having daily back massages, IN MY ROOM, to try and straighten out the muscle problems I’ve been experiencing since lifting my much too heavy granddaughter a few months back. If nothing else, it is true pampering!.
Weather is getting just a drop colder from day to day, but so far, still pleasant enough to be comfortable if dressed properly, which I am.
So will end here and just make this a picture post to keep you interested in coming back here.

lunch at ayurpak

Nice View from Here

Yes...definitely a nice view

getting ready to fly

on your mark


home from shopping

freshly sheathed straw

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