CARDS: Message from the Universe….or Coincidence?

December 7, 2013

“Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous”
Irene Hannon

During my morning meditation today I asked for guidance and direction as I start getting ready to “head home” in a few weeks. I was guided to “consult” with the cards



    Finishing up my panchakarma treatments and starting my last three weeks away-of being “being with” just me – of recharging and refueling – and having time to find clarity, direction and wisdom for what lies ahead.
    From two different decks of cards, each deck containing 44 cards, I was advised to draw one card each. Below are the cards I chose.
    It is not difficult to see that they are two sides of the same coin and make perfect sense when seen together. Each from a different deck. Each one complimenting the other and giving further insight.
    YOU may believe in coincidence – so be it, that’s fine. I personally KNOW these are messages to me about what always turns out to be my biggest problem- giving at the expense of my own wellbeing. Thus , the card directing me to “receptivity” as well. Not enough to be careful about how and when and why I give of myself….it is something which I do as a default setting…but I must also be careful to allow, even encourage others, to do for me as well and then receive graciously and joyfully and with gratitude.
    And to top this off….just 10 days ago, following a sirohdhara treatment, I once again had an extremely vivid dream whose messages were completely clear and straightforward.
    I don’t feel comfortable sharing the details of the dream here, but it’s final message deals with the exact same issue as the cards of today.
    Even if it IS all coincidence, as some of you may choose to believe, it STILL remains a powerful and important message for me.

    “Allow yourself to receive. This will increase your intuition, energy, and ability to give to others”

    “Time-out! You’ve been busy taking care of everyone else’s needs, but now it’s time to stop and take care of yourself”
    This second card is of course what I am doing here and now…with no problem. The trick is to continue to be aware and receptive to my own needs and ALLOW myself to take care of those needs, once I get home as well.
    with love light and JOY

October 14-15, 2012 – Panchakarma Day 1 and 2

October 15, 2012

October 14-15, 2012 – Panchakarma Day 1 and 2

What a glorious day.  Began panchakarma this morning. Breakfast of course is porridge, which I like to add nuts and raisins to, and of course plenty of ghee.  Eating it overlooking the Ganga from Lalita’s Mama Mia restaurant….what a perfect day to begin.

Notice the difference in the color of the water-Previous shot taken during the winter season when the glacial snows begin melting

And then of course my first, long awaited massage for this year, and it was just as heavenly as I remembered and expected it to be.  Both Devi and Laxmi worked on me and it could not have been any more perfect.  And for the first time in many years, I am not doing this during the freezing cold winter months.  So I did not need 3 blankets, hot water bottles etc., to keep me warm during the massage, and did not feel the icy air each time another naked body part was exposed to be massaged with oil.   It was pure delight being in a warm space for this luxurious treatment.

Laxmi-Massage Therapist

Following the massage, back downstairs to hear what tomorrow holds in store (massage and sirrohdhara –warm oil drip on forehead), and my first medicated ghee of the panchakarma.  I usually am given a small amount on a teaspoon.  Horrible, but tolerable.  This time, Devi appeared with a heaping TABLESPOON.  I was sure it was either a mistake or a bad joke, but Doc looks at me and nods for me to take it.  Disgusting and truly barely tolerable.  When I asked why – “Your body in very weak state.  We need to get you well”. I guess every treatment has its own sort of unpleasant medicine .  this was definitely mine here.  We were given some herbs to begin taking twice a day to stimulate digestion and sent on our way.

I was also told I could eat FOUR chapattis at a meal, instead of the usual two-maybe three.  But I couldn’t eat four even if I tried.  We went back to the restaurant for lunch, nice veggie plate and chapattis, on which I put lots of ghee.  I felt full and satisfied, but getting extremely tired by then.  My friend who has agreed I call her here by her full name, Michal, thought we would go down for some more shopping and I needed stuff in Laxman Jhula so I agreed to “see how we feel”, but kind of knew it wouldn’t happen. She also began to feel the effects and the truth is, we barely made it up to the room and into bed where I just slept like a baby for quite some time.

Awoke with a very slight headache, which from experience gets worse for the first 4 days before going away…Part of the toxins beginning to release from my body.  This evening we have kicheri which Laxmi prepared for us and they have agreed to refrigerate it and then heat it up for us here at the Swiss Cottage kitchen, so all is well.

I am eating some lovely grapes at the moment and I am content-and truly blessed.

Just a quick summary of the evening and today (the next day).  Our kitcheri in the evening was really delicious (it is not always well prepared…sometimes very watery but this was really good), and I went to sleep early after reading for awhile.

This morning was day 2.  I awoke very early, did my meditation and yoga outside which was beautiful, and then was very hungry so I went down to breakfast alone.  Had delicious wheat porridge today (Michal arrived awhile later) and then went over for my second day.  Long talk with Doctor about his sons etc.  His eldest is married and after leaving his job as manager of a 5 star hotel in Gurgaon outside of Delhi, he is now on “vacation” and living with his wife in his parents home (which is typical for Indian families…wives always come to live with their mother-in-laws).  And when I asked about the second son, if it isn’t time they also arranged a marriage for him, he answered “yes for sure”.  Seems they are now looking to find a girl who has just completely her medical studies so that there will be someone in the family to run the clinic when he retires!  His son teaches yoga, meditation, and is a massage therapist, so it would work beautifully.

Meditating Along the Ganga

And then up to my treatment.  Today, to my great surprise, I was treated by THREE people.  Seems the daughter-in-law is now being trained to be a message therapist also, so they let her “practice” on clients while one of the others watches her, and then, after apologizing to me, the other massage therapist “redid” whatever part the other one was practicing on.  All in all it was lovely and not annoying in any way.

And then my sirrohdhara drip (which most people love but I don’t) and then, covered in oil, had a wonderful hot bucket shower at the clinic.

And then I remembered that I hadn’t asked the doctor if I can have my glass of hot milk with turmeric once a day.  He said of course.  When I asked what is better, morning or evening…he said “why not both!!!”.   And on top of that, told me to have a couple of biscuits with the milk!  Pure luxury during panchakarma.  Of course I got another tablespoon of medicated ghee, but with the thought of all the lovely ghee on my chapattis and veggies, and then a glass of hot spiced milk and biscuits, I left overjoyed.

And to make the day even more perfect, I met my friend Reingard, by surprise, at the clinic.  IT was sooooooo good to see her after several years when we did not meet up here.  And she will begin her panchakarma next Monday so we will see each other each day.  Life is good!

I was feeling really good, had my delicious lunch again and then down to do a couple of errands in Laxman Jhula, sit overlooking Laxman Jhula bridge at the German Bakery with a glass of fresh pineapple juice and then back up to the guesthouse.  A long but lovely day, and not tired as I was yesterday.  Feeling really good.  And loving this mobile stick in my room!!

Promise to begin photographing more as the days go by…hope you enjoy the few from today.  (One of the Ganga Views is from last year-it is at a different time of the year – winter when the ice begins to melt in the high glaciers), and you can see a difference in the color of the water.  Interesting.



January 31 – February 1, 2011- Panchakarma Day 3-4 – Jesus, Mary, Dalai Lama and Ganesha

February 1, 2011

January 31 – February 1, 2011- Panchakarma Day 3-4 – Jesus, Mary, Dalai Lama and Ganesha

Just for fun, here are today’s pictures.

They represent something very basic for Indians-the complete ease with all religions. These were taken in the restaurant I eat my veggies at, and the owners being Christian would explain Jesus and Mary. When I asked why there was a statue of Ganesha (the god who removes obstacles) hanging just above, he said “always good to have god in all forms to help”. And of course the Dalai Lama, represents Buddhism , just to give equal representation. I suggestion a Magen David and he said “for sure…can you bring me one?” I suggested he take a picture of the “Jewish Rickshaws” outside.

Jewish Rickshaw

In one of my many past posts I’ve discussed the Magen David, Star of David symbol which appears here in India everywhere together with the swastika! Both are ancient vedic symbols which were appropriated by others for use. The Star of David originally is the symbol for balance and harmony. One triangle represents the upper 3 chakras, the inverted one represents the lower 3 chakras, and when you put them together, the center represents the heart chakra, which brings all into balance and harmony

Last night was a beautiful evening and there has been a definite shift in the weather. I did not need the heater at in the evening, was out until after 6, and did not need the hot water bottle to sleep with. In addition, I opened the small window above the entrance door for the firs time to allow fresh air in over night (aside from that coming in under the door which has a large gap between the frame and the floor and which I had to cover each night to keep the cold air from coming in).
I am now dressed in only one layer of clothing, and will finally be wearing my sandals today (albeit with sox), and although it is pleasantly cool right now, (it is only 9:30 in the morning), in another couple of hours I’m sure I will feel even hot. This is the perfect time of the year for me where I can sit out in the sun, as I am now, but still feel cool enough to enjoy its warmth. Soon I will be looking only for shade!

Yesterday, day 3 of panchakarma, was pleasant. I still had some kind of strange head pain during the night, and also was up again a few times to pee like the night before, but in the end I slept a full 12 hours!! I felt good in the morning and after my massage I was given Kati Basti. Just a quick note about the massages. In the past I was always given fairly gentle massages as befitted my physical health at the time . Now I am getting deepr, more powerful massage work done and really enjoying it. And it has made a difference already. When I do my morning neck release turning and body stretching for my joints, there is no “creaking”!! I feel like all my joints have been lubricated and it is a good feeling.
Yesterday, after the massage, was Kati basti. This is a procedure where a “bowl” is shaped from a kind of playdough made from hoummous flour (gram flour) and place on your body on which ever portion needs the treatment. The dough is stuck onto your skin to seal it, and the hot medicated oil is poured into it so it can be absorbed by the specific body part. Yesterday’s was done on my lower back. It’s intended purpose is to lubricate the spinal cord and nervous system as well as the circulatory system of the lower body.
I treated myself yesterday to rice pulao and came home feeling satisfied and happy.
I slept less last night, waking before 7 to a glorious day, and am now on my way down for day 4, which will be a massage and my very favorite – a steam bath!
Will write more later.
Well, I am back, and the steam bath never disappoints me! I love nothing better than the warmth of the steam enveloping me and bringing penetrating heat to all parts of my body – down to my bones. I could sit in the steam box forever if they didn’t make me get out after 15-20 minutes.
Another wonderful day awaits me…still don’t feel the need to be out and about but am pretty sure that in another day or so I will go exploring again.
Namaste for Today

December 10, 2009 – Finally Something Interesting to Write-Sirodhara and it’s Effects

December 10, 2009

December 10, 2009 – Finally Something Interesting to Write

Over the past 10 days I’ve experience 3 really really bad headaches, which always begin after I fall asleep, wake me from a sound sleep in which I am having weird dreams, and although I manage to fall back to sleep, and dream again, I am again woken with terrible pounding in my whole head. The headache is always gone by the time I wake up in the morning.
The only reason I could think of was that perhaps, due to the colder weather, I have not been drinking enough, so everytime I woke up with a headache, I would drink lots of water, but the headache never relented.
Then, last nite, I had the worst ever….I felt like my head would explode…it was not a migraine…something so intense I felt like crying, and didn’t know what to do except drink and do Reiki , Matrix and Hatmara to get back to sleep. I was awakened like this 4 times during the night, always from a powerful dream (which I don’t remember) which seemed very real to me while I was dreaming it.
It was only when I woke up finally in the morning (with no headache), that I began to think there was a connection between Read the rest of this entry »

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