The Wedding Story –October 29, 2009

November 2, 2009

The Wedding Story –October 29, 2009

the happy bride and groom

First, I’ll just tell you about this wonderful experience , my first Indian wedding, and hope I will even be able to upload a short video to give you a ittle feel for what it was like.  I am also posting a couple of full size pictures, but there is a gallery at the end with thumbnails if you are interested in more pics…You’ll have to go to the second half of the post for most of the pictures. Be patient.  It may take time for the photos to open, but it is worth the wait.

bride and groom 'smiling' after flower bedecking

Aside from what I will write here, which will not do justice in any way to the actual event, it became apparent the next day that this was THE High Society Event of the Season in Rishikesh and apparently some sort of honour to have been an invited guest.

Here is a video link which will give you also some slight inkling as to what was going on:

I arrived in a jeep which was sent by the hosts to pick up “strays” who had no way to get to the wedding. We were told that the jeep would bring us back in “one, maybe two, hours”.  This would have caused great stress for me in the past, not knowing exactly when I would be brought back home, worrying about what I would do if I had to stay longer that I had planned, etc., but from the next post you will understand that there was not the slightest bit of concern surrounding this “not knowing for sure”, and I happily boarded the jeep for the ½ hour ride to the venue of the wedding.  IT was a very famous, fancy restaurant and affair place, and, as all of these things are in India,

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