Flowing Towards Dreams Fulfilled

February 22, 2014

Flowing Towards Dreams Fulfilled


Flowing along with grace

I allow the river of life to gently enfold me

And sweep me along …

Through the events which are already in place

And which will lovingly bring me through

To the beautiful expanse of dreams fulfilled

I haven’t written any poetry for ages, but with the cleansing and rebirth of my creativity after its being crippled for so long, the above poem was channeled to me this morning.

This return of my creative energies is a true blessing and I am enormously grateful for being brought back to this place of harmony and balance of mind, body and spirit.

If you are interested in further poetry I have written, you might like to try this link where you can find more of my poems and some background information:


with love light and JOY


February 21, 2011 – Poetry and Request for Advice

February 21, 2011

February 21, 2011 – Poetry and Request for Advice

Just a few days I wrote a post about the poetry of massage. And to my great surprise, the same day a new poem was channeled to me in the early hours of dawn, just before fully awakening – and upon awakening I remembered it in full and wrote it down.

Poetry for me is a very difficult thing to explain.  As a child and teenager, I wrote many poems but they have disappeared…and then, about ten years ago, I wrote an good number of poems which you can find on my Mindfulness Journal on the upper toolbar marked “Poetry”.  Or simply click on this link:


Thing is, I never actually write these poems.  I receive them as messages, channeled to me usually at night, but very often in the daytime as well.  They cover a variety of issues, but have great meaning, at least to me.

The poem I received a few days ago, is a mystery to me.  It doesn’t relate to anything specific in my life at the moment, at least not something I am consciously aware of, and I am not even sure of its meaning.

I am posting it here, hoping perhaps someone out there will have some insights as to what this poem means.  I have a general understanding of its meaning, but I know there are subtleties in it which I am not picking up.

SO I am asking for your help.  Your comments are invited wholeheartedly.

Gather Yourself Up

Gather yourself up

Put the pieces back in place

Life goes on, even when it comes to a standstill.

The carousel is waiting

Jump back on whenever you feel ready

There is no rush

The price will not change but the horses may need a good painting over time.

Any idea??????





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