Reunion with a Dear Friend-Visit to Devi’s House- Oct 29, 2012

November 2, 2012

Reunion with a Dear Friend

Devi’s Mother and I met about 4 years ago, and without understanding a single word either of us said to each other, we became instant friends.  I cannot explain the connection, but it is a powerful and deeply felt one by both of us.

She is a 50 year old woman who has lived an extremely difficult life, on all levels, but continues to joyful at all times and grateful for all she has.

I always try to bring her some special gift, as she is a woman who has never had anything that all women take for granted.  Never a new sari, never a warm sweater or shawl, or even a winter quilt to keep the cold out at night.  No fancy things for her hair, or makeup…not the simplest womanly pleasure. To see the joy in her eyes when these little things are given to her, is a blessing I cannot describe in words and I myself thank God that I am able to these small kindnesses for this amazing lady.

For many years she did not leave her house to go to any sort of party or family/friend occasion as she did not own a suitable sari.  She wore the same old tattered one for more years than she could remember.  It would be like going to a wedding or birthday party in an old, grubby housedress.  This lovely sari (which I was able to buy for her several years ago) has made it possible for her to enjoy this occasions for the first time in untold years…

dresssed and ready to go to party

and now that one of her 5 daughter is finally getting married (another long and surprising story not for now) , I was able to give her another new one, suitable enough to be worn by “mother-of –the-bride”.

getting things all spruced up for sister’s wedding

These are all small things but become great blessings, and I wish there was someway to truly make her life easier.  But alas, I am able to only bring little joys into her life…perhaps someone out there reading this would care to help in other ways?

The loveliest thing to see during this visit, was how from one cow,

suspicious mother cow who eventually tried to kick me

which she was helped to purchase several years ago, she now has 5 cows in her herd…two new calves,

their mother’s, and one pregnant cow (which is HER first offspring-seen as a calf in this photo from several years ago).

The Mother cow did not like my invading her space,

first calf from two years ago, now pregnant herself-in the background

and getting close to her children, and tried very hard to kick me a couple of times until I finally “got the message” and retreated.  Don’t know why people think cow’s are stupid or unfeeling creatures!!

It was a wonderful visit as always, with much laughter,

smile for the camera please

and the joy of seeing her lovely family of daughters moving forward and succeeding in many ways thought impossible just a few years ago.  The small help of different people is all that is needed here.  Several years ago, it was difficult for me to visit for any length of time as they had no toilet and they felt it dangerous for me to go into the “forest” as they did.  So I made a supreme effort to save money up over the coming year and they were able, with the small amount of $200, to build an outhouse and shower.

Visits there are now long and leisurely, and always great  fun.  It is always difficult to finally leave for home, and I look forward to my next visit , hopefully shortly.

You can read more stories about this lovely family at the following links from my past visits over the years:

Namaste from Rishikesh


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