March 10, 2011 – Vacation Day 9 – Story of the Silk Cotton Tree-Simple Lesson in Focused Intention and How We Are Provided with Anwers by the Universe

March 11, 2011

March 10, 2011 – Vacation Day 9 – Story of the Silk Cotton Tree-Simple Lesson in Focused Intention and How We Are Provided with Anwers by the Universe

It seems that sincere intention to know something, will always bring an answer – and usually from a place, or in a way, that we could never imagine.

Silk Cotton Tree


Yesterday was a relaxing day spent close to home.  Didn’t want to push my luck after feeling so weak the day before – especially just before coming home.  So hung around close to my room, did further packing and sorting, read, needlepointed, visited friends, friends visited me and was even invited out for dinner.  Ate properly the entire day and felt at peace.

Although I am enjoying the beautiful weather immensely, I am now completely ready to return home, for whatever waits me there.  And that is also a good feeling.

Just after posting yesterday, with pictures of the “cotton” tree, I continued to be curious if that was really its name and to find out more about it than the owner could give me.  I was thinking of googling it when I decided to first sit down and read for awhile. …I was reading the book I mentioned by Ruskin Bond, “The Book of Nature”, and when I opened to the page I was up to, what did I find but this chapter “The Silk-Cotton Tree”!!

And as I began to read it, I realized he was talking about the exact tree I sat next to the previous day.  Since it is so nicely written and explained…I will just quote the whole few beginning sentences here.

“Most of you, even if you do not play badminton, are familiar with a shuttlecock.  Well, if you take a shuttlecock and paint it a bright crimson, you will get a fair idea of what the flower of the semul (or silk-cotton tree) looks like.

Now just imagine a tall, leafless tree covered with masses of crimson flowers, and you will know what this wonderful tree looks like in spring..  There are few trees in the world that can compare with it in beuty and brilliance.

You may, of course, have seen a semul tree either in the jungle or along a tree-lined avenue in one of our citis.  It is a god shade-tree, losing its leaves for only a brief period, just before it flowers.  During the summer months, you will find its seeds overed with white cotton, which is blown far and wide by the slgithest breeze.  This cotton is not suitable for spinning and weaving into cloth, but it s used for stuffing pillows and cushions.”

And now both you and I know a little more about the tree!  It seems that sincere intention to know something, will always bring an answer – and usually from a place, or in a way, that we could never imagine.

Have a great, focused, day.



January 23-24, 2011 – A Glorious Day Out Plus the New Blessing (Addiction?) of Needlepoint

January 24, 2011

January 23-24, 2011 – A Glorious Day Out Plus the New Blessing (Addiction?) of Needlepoint

I am now sitting out on my rooftop and believe it or not, have to sit in the shade.  It is 4 in the afternoon and the sun is too strong to sit in directly.  But as you can see from the photo, the mountains are at their most glorious green shades after these past two beautiful days.  The weather has definitely shifted, and although there may still be a few days of rain now and then when it will be chilly, warmer weather is here.

Today was a lovely day, spent outdoors from breakfast at a lovely restaurant in Ram Jhula, Flavors, where I had the best paneer parantha I have had since arriving, as well as the cheapest (this is a real Indian Restaurant, not some Western tourist place). [ I met an Indian girl there and was going to relate her family story to you all, but after a very unpleasant visit with her in the evening in my room (I had invited her!), I’ve decided to just release the whole episode and move along.  It seems I had forgotten the rules of interaction in India and had been far too open and generous with her at the restaurant, leading her to false expectations or just cheekiness when she arrived at my room. ]

Took some lovely photos today and the link to the album is here:

More trees, views of a sunny warm day along the Ganga ghats (including a lovely series showing a woman doing a ritual bathe with her son assisting her so she doesn’t fall completely into the water) and a loving Mother and Baby cow !

I had walked down to the restaurant for breakfast using the upper forest road and cutting through the Sivananda Ashram, a first walk of this type for me since arriving.  It’s just been too cold to venture out down this road in the morning, but it was lovely today  From there, I crossed over Ram Jhula bridge, and walked out the other side going all the way to the end of Swaghashram area and just enjoying the ghats, as were lots of other people.  The first really warm day and you can see people everywhere bathing in the Ganga…not just the very spiritual or cold water bathing enthusiasts.

And it seems that the tourists are back.  Either they all arrived yesterday, hearing that the weather was turning, or they were here all along and just hiding out in their rooms the past month!.  Either way, all the restaurants were full, as was the local Coffee Day coffee shop, which is always mainly taken advantage of by westerners (although the occasional Indian – who can afford the prices- will be seen there).  It was full to overflowing, both inside and out!  Lots of people out shopping and the shopkeepers were really happy with wide grins on their faces as the slow movements of winter slowly give way to a real flow of tourists.

After my walk out and back to ram jhula, instead of crossing over and coming home, which is what I would have done until today, I simply continued on back to Laxman Jhula, (about 2-3 km. on the back road), went in to my lovely restaurant on the ganga for a late lunch, and then headed home.  All in all I walked about 8 kilometers today, felt great the entire way, and was outdoors longer than I have been until now.   It was wonderful.

I realize now that I really needed this past month of extremely cold weather to force me to use this time to heal myself on many levels…including physical, so I could then take full advantage and completely enjoy this wonderful weather which has now begun.  There is no way I could have done the amount of walking I did yesterday and today when I first arrived, or even two weeks ago for that matter…when I still had serious issues with my shoulder and upper back and then suddenly, even my knees.

After my healing sessions, and other ways of releasing negative emotions and traumas, my shoulder and back are perfect, I have no problem carrying my bag around while out and about (when I first came, I couldn’t carry ANYTHING without experience extreme shooting pain, and this began almost 5 months ago).  And then my knees gave out…don’t know why, but it also had to do with certain emotional cords/ties I was having trouble releasing.  Well, after three consecutive days of doing Reiki on my knees for one hour a day, they are as good as new.  I was able to walk up the mountain yesterday, and today, walked about 8 kilometers without a trace of trouble. So the extremely cold weather was a blessing (as all things are actually), and now I can enjoy each and every moment being out in the glorious weather which began yesterday.

Needlepoint: Well, I had begun a work of needlepoint several years ago (the last I had done this before this one was when I was pregnant with my last child – He is now 29 years old!).  I had decided it would be something pleasant to do in India in 2007 and enjoyed it that year.  It was put aside when I got home, and last year, remembering it, decided to take it again with me to work on.  To my surprise and dismay, I could not see well enough to work it, and figured it would be resigned for eternity, unfinished, to the drawer.

Just before leaving for India this year, I came across it in the drawer and for some reason, felt the need to throw it into the suitcase.  Yesterday, for some reason, I pulled it out and had a most wonderful discovery.  I was able to work it!!  It seems that last year, when I was diagnosed with a cataract on one eye (the reason I couldn’t see well enough to do it before, and couldn’t even read comfortably the past year), I was told that I would need stronger reading glasses as the progressive, multifocal ones I had been using for years could not compensate for the loss of close vision.  So I DID get a pair of reading glasses, and later in the States my brother, an optometrist, also made me a pair of bifocals, and I was once again able to enjoy reading.

Apparently, these same reading glasses have improved my vision enough to allow me to work the needlepoint as well!  What a lovely surprise!

I find the repetitive movement of the needle and thread , even though it is ME who is consciously causing this movement, to be meditative, hypnotic, relaxing and to my surprise, as addictive as a good computer game!!! (just one more section….just one more color….just this tiny space….just a drop more), and I found myself sitting today (it is already the next day), for several hours out on the rooftop, working the needlepoint.  Today was a day for relaxing at home.  Had a good shower and hair wash, even did my nails, relaxed outside in the sunshine and caressing breeze the entire day…reading, doing needlepoint, and just absorbing the healing warmth into every part of my body. Now, with the sun down behind the trees, have retired to my room.  It has been a lovely day so far, and am sure it will continue in this relaxing way.



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