The weather being cold and nasty….I’m actually sitting in my room, with the heater on, listening to music, coloring in my coloring book….warm clothes, sox and shawl and hot water bottle nearby…quite content…and having some time to even write…haven’t done this for some time.


Not having wifi for four days also gave me lots of free time…..quite a surprising blessing as well.
Just a quicky this time…
First of all, after searching for a really good cup of cappuccino, latte, whatever for over two months, I’d finally given up. Even the restaurants that have recently gotten machines, they simply don’t know how to properly prepare it.
So to my surprise, I had this wonderful Latte just now at the Raasta Café…compliments of the manager…it is not on the menu, because he is the only one who really knows how to make it….but it was really lovely!

And the next surprise, was the Japanese practitioner who came to my room to do a treatment yesterday. I’ve been doing Japanese acupuncture at home for years now and it is a godsend for keeping me balanced and managing problems before they get out of hand. About a month ago I heard of a Japanese acupuncture practitioner here but no one seemed to know how to find him. I searched for him where people told me he lived but to no avail.
In a series of synchronicities, I was given his phone number last week…contacted him immediately to make an appointment (which is when he told me he ONLY does house calls…lovely!). He came, and left, without finding me as he looked in the wrong guesthouse. Very disappointing, but we finally DID get together, yesterday, and for the first time ever in Rishikesh, I felt like I was getting a TRULY professional treatment by and experienced and proper practitioner! A combination of massage, shiatsu, enery cleansing and actual acupuncture. I will have him back again next week. Explained some very interesting things to me about my body and why it behaves the way it does…and of course did a very impressive treatment…and I am not easily impressed!
So it’s been a lovely couple of days, despite the weather. Probably won’t be able to post these as the wifi router has died and it could take a couple of days until it is replaced with a new one….but at least I have written them up.

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