A Cow Story in Photos

February 26, 2014

This will be a story in photos of one particular cow, on one particular day, in one particular place, ….
cow at ram jhula

But first, just a few words in general about cows and India.

Cows are everywhere in India.  It would not be India without cows. Cows roam the streets, walk on main highways, pop in to have lunch in restaurants, stroll through open shops, take naps in the middle of the street…there is no place where you will not find the cows.  The amount of photos of cows I have is exceeded only by the amount of photos of monkeys that I have!  🙂

Some cows seem mean

12-mean cow
another mean cow

Some are regal

11-regal bull

Some are motherly and loving

13-mother and baby
Some are just an integral part of the scenery

part of the scenery

But this cow seemed to enjoy the energies along the Ganga, and to enjoy interacting with those who had come for prayer and devotion, or just for fun, along the ghats of Ram Jhula.

At first, she came straight up to me to say “Hi”….

1-checking me out

Hi There… Namaste

She seemed to be most curious, and quite intelligent.


…and then headed down the steps to check out the other people and see what they were doing.

6-checking out people

7-checking out people

What’s This Guy Doing?

At one point she seemed to be posing for photos along with the tourists

8-take my photo too

Take My Picture Too Please

9-nice lady

Or asking to be included in someone’s devotional prayers.

10-say a prayer for me too

Say a Prayer for Me Too Please

In short….an interesting cow day….

There always seems to be something happening wherever you happen to find yourself.  The trick is to be mindful, to be grateful and to appreciate and enjoy everything to the fullest.



Accept, Learn, Let Go

February 25, 2014

Once again I am blessed with a message from above…this time at the beginning of a new book I just chose to read. Placed the lovely quote on one of my favorite Ram Jhula sunset scenes so am posting it here as well. 🙂

Not In India

Accept, Learn, Let Go-Message in a Book

Let Go...Ganga Sunset

I just began a new book on my Kindle… chosen by random from the huge collection I’ve accumulated. The first chapter began with the above quote.  Just put it on a nice photo to make it prettier…but the message is just what I needed at the moment!  I am Grateful and Blessed as always

with love light and JOY


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The Magic of Ram Jhula Sunsets

February 23, 2014

The Magic of Ram Jhula  Sunsets

ram jhula sunset
During my recent sojourn in Rishikesh, I found myself drawn continually to Ram Jhula during the hours before sunset.  And the feelings of tranquility together with gentle Ganga energy never ceased to astound me.  Here are just a few shots to give you a feeling of the wonder of this place.

ram jhula sunset
ram jhula sunset

Flowing Towards Dreams Fulfilled

February 22, 2014

Flowing Towards Dreams Fulfilled


Flowing along with grace

I allow the river of life to gently enfold me

And sweep me along …

Through the events which are already in place

And which will lovingly bring me through

To the beautiful expanse of dreams fulfilled

I haven’t written any poetry for ages, but with the cleansing and rebirth of my creativity after its being crippled for so long, the above poem was channeled to me this morning.

This return of my creative energies is a true blessing and I am enormously grateful for being brought back to this place of harmony and balance of mind, body and spirit.

If you are interested in further poetry I have written, you might like to try this link where you can find more of my poems and some background information:


with love light and JOY


Ram Jhula in the Golden Glow of Sunset

February 21, 2014

Ram Jhula in the Golden Glow of Sunset

Ram Jhula at Sunset

I can visit Ram Jhula every day and never tire of the changing view.  This particular day was clear and sunny, although chilly, but the brilliance of the sunset was reflected on the bridge.  If you’ve ever been here, you will appreciate how special these views are.

Ram Jhula at Sunset

Ram Jhula at Sunset



My Return to Blogging and its Blessings

February 21, 2014

My Return to Blogging and its Blessings

Ganga Devotion
I’ve been home six weeks now and my recent journey in India seems like a distant dream.
Truth is, if I had the money I would hop on the next plane and go back for a few months. As this is impossible at the moment, I will share some of my memories and adventures from this last stay, mainly through photos. I know I left you all quite suddenly when I stopped posting unexpectedly, and hope to make it up to both you, and myself. There were powerful reasons for my retreating within during this stay in India and the results of this inner journey were well worth the effort. Especially in the return of creativity which was missing in my life for a long time. You might like to read these posts to get s further understanding, if it interests you. And if not, I’ll be happy to know that you are enjoying my journey, in retrospect, through photos.



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