October 29, 2013

In the midst of the bustling,busy,hectic, crowded Chandi Chowk Market I came across this quiet alleyway with the most amazing decorated doors.  The houses themselves are about 300 years old and still occupied.

Chandi Chowk Alley Old Delhi











Arrival – India 2013 #1 – October 24-25

October 26, 2013

India Journal 2013

#1 Arrival

I arrived back in India yesterday early morning….and it seems as if I have never left.  The flight, my first with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul, was uneventful, even pleasant.  I arrived to find my dear friend Preeti and her wonderful husband Sudeep waiting for me at the airport at 5 AM!!  What a great blessing not to have to deal with the hassle of a taxi to their home in Neb Sarai area of  New Delhi.  They live in Freedom Fighters Enclave not too far from the area known as Saket.  Near the heart of Delhi but with quiet tree lined streets.  Quite lovely.
Slept upon arrival after having my first chai this trip
First Chai

First Chai

and then breakfast of aloo parantha…and then off to rest again.
Afternoon we went out to change money and then off to stroll and relax at the Saket Market….just lovely.
A coffee shop and a stroll at the local book market….absolutely amazing collection of new and used paperbacks…even had some street food..Kathi roll…(offered as the least spicy thing available-still spicy for me but quite delicious)…and then home.
Lovely supper
Rajma, Paneer and Perfect Chapati

Rajma, Paneer and Perfect Chapati

…having my local phone card set up…talking and finally off for a long a beautiful sleep.

Up this morning to a wonderful breakfast of Paneer Parantha (Indian women just never stop cooking…quite amazing)
And now, just feeling like I need the day to rest, which is exactly what I will do now.  Hopefully will figure out how to get this posted on my blog from the tablet…something which needs to be learned at this point…
Tomorrow an outting is planned through the back alleys and markets of old delhi.  Looking forward
The rest of the day was uneventful….went out to the local supermarket…not something I’m used to seeing in India, but this is Delhi, not the small town of Rishikesh.  sorry-couldn’t get these photos uploaded…another time…
Now Preeti is making Malai Kofta for supper…just because I mentioned that I like it!
And then, off to sleep and looking forward to a lovely photo walking tour tomorrow.  Not sure this will be posted in “real time” to the blog….but it will eventually find its way there.
Namaste from Delhi


October 20, 2013



The medicine I need at this junction in my life.  I’ve been away from here for months now, been through an extremely intense year since my return from India last November.  The months away from here, my blog, my refuge, have also been months away from myself.  Longer in fact than months.  Dealing with family issues, health issues relationship issues, financial issues, has taken up every bit of time and energy I have been able to muster over this past period of time.

I don’t know how well I dealt with all the issues I confronted, but I always did the best I could at the moment.  And that is all we can expect of ourselves.  But the intensivity of this past year has drained me…left me depleted…and what I need more than anything else from this coming trip to India, is TIME!

Time to refuel, to be with me again, to BE me again

…not to be Mother, grandmother, sister, friend, lover, healer, counselor, advocate, or teacher.  Just to be ME.

I will relish, and cherish the coming months, not knowing anything about what awaits me, other than the TIME I so desperately need.

It is a blessing which I intend to take full advantage of.

With love light and JOY


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