March 2, 2011 – Two Week Vacation in India – Day One!

March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011 – Two Week Vacation in India – Day One!

Butterfly on the road - wish I could have put my hand near it so you could see how huge it is.

Butterflies always represent freedom to me, and seeing this on the road just as I stepped out today on the first day of  my self-declared 2 week vacation, was an confirmation that this indeed is a time for me to be free and do as I please! I am most grateful!

Ruskin Bond never fails to amaze, amuse and move me with his writing. I have been “away” from him for a couple of years , and just now, at the used book shop, his latest book fell into my hands…a collection titled: “The Book of Nature”, has kepe a smile on my face for the past ½ hour, ever since I opened the first page.
I am in the restaurant that to my taste, has the best masala chai and definitely the best grilled cheese sandwich in Rishikesh. Made with yak cheese on brown sour dough bread and grilled to perfection in a real grilled cheese griller – with tomatoes and olives added! Well worth the ½ hour I had to wait for it to be prepared!
Today dawned quite warm and sunny – although now, at 2 PM it is overcast. I left in my summer clothes and sandals, did some errands and found it hot enough to warrant my seeking a cool place to eat for the first time this trip. Until now I’ve looked for a sunny place to warm my bones. So I sit at the Ganga View restaurant, hot from waling, and discover that they also serve up the very best cold coffee I’ve tasted in a very long time-and not just in India.
It’s been a lovely day, the first of what I have designated as my 2 week vacation in India before coming home.
There is nothing left that I “have” to do…only what I WANT to do.
Tomorrow morning I am invted to Seema’s house for methi (fenugreek) parantha. Then for a complimentaty massage at Dr. Arora’s given to me as a gift from Manju, his wife – the same therapist I wrote about in my post: “The Poetry of Massage”-


I am looking forward excitedly to this lovely, and unexpected treat.
Yesterday I worked in the evening with a lovely client, who came for a second consultation just now. I feel very privileged to continue to serve and to have these lovely people sent to me by the Universe.
And here is a link to some interesting photos I snapped today…the town is FULL of people, both western and Indian tourists – many here for Shivratri Festival – others for the International Yoga Festival, and others just for the weather and comforting energies of the Ganga.
Sorry…as I do not want to compromise my downloading of “House” with Emule, my connection is too slow right now to upload photos. So a link to some really cool photos will be waiting for you later this evening or tomorrow titled: “How Do You Carry YOUR Load?”

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