October 25, 2008 – Panchakarma Day 3 – MOTORBIKE ADVENTURE!!

October 25, 2008 – Panchakarma Day 3 – MOTORBIKE ADVENTURE!!

I woke up this morning feeling really good.  Headache gone, energetic and ready for anything.  I even noticed a difference in my joint movement during my yoga practice and this is after only 2 days of panchakarma.  Who knows what will happen after 28 days!

After breakfast, while waiting up at my room to go down to my treatment, the guy I mentioned yesterday, Shevach, came up to say good morning.  Said he was looking for me yesterday since he went on his bike to Hardiwar and thought I’d like to go, but yesterday I was really not up for anything anyway, so just as well.  But we made a date to meet today at 1:30 after my treatment and he would take me on his bike up to the mountains. 

I then headed off to Dr. Arora, and today had again a lovely massage, by both Devi and Manju…seems to be the regular thing now…both of them working on me…and then a treatment I don’t remember the name of but a kind of herbal mask was smeared acrossed my lower back up to my kidney area and then hot oils were dripped over it and massaged gently in.  This was extremely comfortable and relaxing.  Then I showered, had my tea – no ghee today – and my kicheri.  While waiting for my tea and kicheri, Dr. Arora mentioned that he had a headache..didn’t sleep well at night…bad energies from dreams keeping him awake.  So I offered to do Reiki and he was willing.  After less than 10 minutes

he was feeling relief.  Nice to be able to help out in return.  Finished drinking and eating and then came back, changed my shoes and went to meet Shevach.  Didn’t approved of the wide legged pants I was wearing so changed into jeans, grabbed a shawel and sweatshirt, my camera, and off we went.  First thing he asked was if I have any back problems, and I said no.  I was feeling very comfortable with him, but certainly nervous about the ride.  I’ve ridden in India on bikes in the city, but never a “real” ride , and wasn’t sure how I would manage.

Well, we started off, going down the hill from Swiss Cottage and a speed which exhilarated but also frightened me at first, kind of like getting on a ride at the luna park and not being sure what is to come.  I was a little tense at the beginning, but very quickly got the hang of it, and soon felt as if I was one with the bike.  I cannot describe the feeling, but it is as if I’ve finally found the most suitable form of transportation for me.  I’ve never done well in busses, cars, trains, planes, whatever, and here I was speeding over mountain roads, wind blowing furiously in my face, whipping my hair back and invigorating my entire body with its moving energies, feeling one with the bike, the driver and the road.  I seemed to automatically sway with the movement , as if I was born to this.  It is just a shame I’ve discovered this lovely thing at the age of almost 62, but better late than never, and I will be sure to find others willing to take me “for a spin”.  It didn’t even matter where we went.  I could have continued soaring through the mountain roads for hours.  We headed down towards Laxman Jhula and you really do have to be a good driver to maneuver through the streets, managing not to hit people or animals, other cars, bikes, rickshaws and also avoiding the potholes, puddles etc .  The alleys wind round and round until we come to the bridge crossing, and this indeed is a challenge.  Crossing the narrow bridge with people, cows, monkeys coming and going in both directions…but we finally made it across.  Then off to the left where we drove along the rode leading up the mountain following the path of the Ganga.  We drove along with the Ganga slowly flowing below, glittering in the sunlight, while we were mainly in the shade, every so often a lovely warming spot of sunlight gracing our faces to take the chill out of the wind.  The mountain soared up to our right, the Ganga off to the left, until I felt almost in a trance.  We drove like this for quite some time and came to roadworks which Shevach didn’t feel inclined to pass through, so we retraced our path and came to a lovely beach , below the Poole Chatti Ashram (which is a simply beautiful place), and I’ve taken some pictures along the way…very few

…I simply didn’t want to stop the motion to bother to take pictures…and I also took a video but think I won’t be able to post it until I get home…I just wanted it for the sounds of the Ganga flowing beneath us…

We sat for awhile and just enjoyed the peacefulness of the scene until a motor type launch came along…we spoke for awhile and then set off to go all the way up into the forest above Rishikesh.  Here we eventually found ourselves speeding along with nothing but forest all around, until we arrived at the crest and road along for awhile on the ridge of the mountain, until the position of the sun made us realize we would have to begin the descent back to town.

We past all forms of human and animal life….people walking, biking, in cars, busses, trucks, but not enough to bother Shevach from picking up considerable speed…the road was completely curving and weaving and I felt complete harmony with all.  Quite an amazing feeling. We past monkeys, cows, donkeys and at one point a peacock even walked across the road.  And then, we came around a curve and a sign (which I did not stop to photograph) said “Elephant Area Beginning”.  I didn’t realize there were elephants in this area, but apparently the forest is full of herds of wild elephants!  We just road and road and road, at this point neither of us speaking, just relishing the wonderful feelings.  I asked Shevach to stop at one point when we saw another sign saying:  “Alert!  Elephant Crossing!”…you can see in the pic.  And of course, just to prove that I really did all this, there is a picture of me and the bike…also Shevach, my driver.

We came home eventually via Ram Jhula where we ate at Chotiwalla, a very famous local restaurant, a first for both of us – and definitely a last -, and not worth the money!   And then home through Laxman Jhula and the end to a lovely lovely day.  We were out from about 1:30 until 5 when it started to get dark, but I could have spent another 3 hours out riding easily. 

I am now back in my room.  It is 6:30, I will finish up the picture work so I can post this tomorrow,  have dinner, watch my “House” episode and off to sleep.  (The evening did not end in this way, as I realized, shortly after originally writing this, the reason Shevach was “sent” to me…it was again in answer to one of my prayers before coming to India, concerning my longings for Abdellahji, and once again, God is always with me, making sure that I am always well taken care of, in every way possible.  I will write more about this later.

And again, something which began some time ago, came to a surprising and lovely ending this evening, after I had finished my dinner, and all I can say again is, somebody up there really loves this old lady!!

It’s been a long, surprisingly lovely, and blessed day.  I am most grateful for all these lovely gifts sent my way.


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