October 29, 2008 – Panchakarma Day 6 –YESTERDAY’S MOTORBIKE ADVENTURE

October 29, 2008 – Panchakarma Day –YESTERDAY’S MOTORBIKE ADVENTURE

Just a quick note about my treatment today and then the story of yesterday’s second (and last, at least for now…Shevach has gone home) motorbike adventure

Today’s treatment was just a massage, some tea and kitcheri, but apparently it was a very deep massage, like the first one, and I’ve been pretty much resting the whole day.  Tomorrow is massage and Sirodhara (dripping on the forehead) again

Me the Biker

Me the Biker

And now, to yesterday.  After Shevach had his Reiki treatment the other day, he said he would really like to take one last “spin” before heading home, and would I like to join him.  Of course I said yes.  First he thought of Hardiwar for shopping and puja, but as it was during Diwali, it would have been crazier than usual, and we passed.  I left it up to him to decide what we would do.  I really didn’t care where I would be going, as long as I was on the bike again.  I’ve taken a really good video (yes, I held the camera  while speeding along at 80-100 km/h on the back of a motorbike…all the pics in this post were also taken like that which is why they don’t look particularly good…the day was also hazy with almost no visibility so basically none of the magnificent mountain views could be seen when we got to the top…anyway


Me and Shevach
Me and Shevach

– I cannot upload the video until I get home, but the pics are here) 

OK.  So, he told me we would be going for a ride of about 2 hours up to the area of Uttarakashi to a Durga Temple at the top of the mountain range.  Sounded lovely to me…


We left later than planned as he was invited to a meal served at the end of of the mourning period for Nandu’s father, so I had lunch also while waiting and we didn’t leave until after 1.  Victor, another guy here asked to join us and so we headed off, two motorbikes, with me on one of them. 

The weather was beautiful, quite comfortable, until we began climbing, and as we got further up it started getting really cold.  I had a light shawel and my sweatshirt (luckily with hood), but none of us was really properly dressed for the weather later on.  We were about 1800 meters high when we finally arrived, and I am not even going to try and describe the journey.  I will just say that at one point I was so overwhelmed with the beauty, the soaring feeling on the bike, as well as the blessing sent to me of this young guy actually WANTING to take me out riding, that I began to cry!   Nothing in the pics can do justice to what we drove through, despite the poor visibility.  We just kept going up and up and up, on roads (which you will eventually see in the video) which would have made me feel like throwing up if I was in a taxi, but on the bike it was just pure pleasure.  We got to the area of the temple, had chai and then headed up.  What the guys “forgot” to tell me is that the temple is up 197 steps.  But the truth is, I had no problem going up, despite the altitude.  The temple itself was so “exciting” that I didn’t even think to photograph it.  In one of the pics you can see it from afar .  It was hard for me to believe we had already ridden for an hour, up all the way, and still had that distance to go.  We spent a while resting at the top but it began to really get cold and we decided it best to head down.  I tied the shawel around my hips and zipped up the sweatshirt including the hood but the truth is for the first ½ hour going down, we were all really really cold.  Then it got more



Then it got more comfortable and the rest of the way was just chilly, but nothing to complain about.  At one point, as we descended the mountain, I had this very strong feeling of a change in energies, and just as I felt this, Shevach said “do you feel that too?”.  It was like coming down from higher, lighter, heavenly energies, into heavier more earthy energies.  Not that we felt BAD energy, just a very different sort of energy.  The fact that we both felt it physically was interesting.  I guess it is never easy coming “back to Earth”. 

We got back home feeling really good and waiting for me was one of the girls who needed Reiki for her lower back problems before her long trip home to Israel.  You would think that after such a long day, we were out for about 5-6 hours, wind blowing in my face, on the move, walking up to the temple, all that fresh air in general, I would have been exhausted and just wanting a hot shower and to lay down and rest.  But the opposite was what I felt.  You might have this feeling after doing something that you extremely enjoy and gets the adrenalin and endomorphins flowing.  Could be after a long night of wonderful sex, or how I feel high when I come home after an night of dancing…where I can’t settle into sleep for a couple of hours afterwards.  Well the feeling when I got off the bike was this type of feeling multiplied man times.  It was well after 1 in the morning that I was finally able to fall asleep. 

Shevach came up also for awhile, and we had a lovely parting evening.  I look forward to seeing him once I get back home and meeting his wife and 2 little kids (who were here with him for the first month he was here).  He is a very special man and it was a pleasure to spend a few days with him.  The feeling was mutual and that is always nice. 

And that’s it.  Life I imagine will be more quiet now.  My friend Dyanne is arriving in 2 days, and shortly after that Einat…I am never alone and time is going by slowly and quickly all at the same time.  Interesting.






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