January 22, 2011 – Tapovan Village Walk

January 22, 2011 – Village Walk

For a full photo review of the walk, please see this facebook link:

Went to sleep last night knowing I would be going up through the village today. Woke to a glorious sunshiny day

and after a leisurely morning including nice hot shower (which up until now I’ve had to take in the evening as it was much too cold in the room in mornings), I left for my walk. After walking uphill for about an hour (I thought it was about 15 minutes and couldn’t understand why all of me was complaining), I realized that I would not do any more of this. I have been feeling the changes in my body for a few years now, but it was a loud and clear message to me that uphill is no longer a serious option for me1 Sad but true. I accept these new limitations gratefully and joyfully, thankful that I can still walk for hours with no problem, as long as it is not continually UP!.

While walking up the mountain past the village, I was accompanied by rapids, and the beautiful music of the water was with me all the time. Other than the occasional bird-call, that was the only sound I heard most of the time. The sound of the water became progressively louder the higher up I walked, until it was the only thing I heard. And if I ventured off the main path for awhile, I was greeted with almost an eerie silence once the water sounds could no longer be heard. Here is a link to a video in case you want to get an idea of the sounds for yourself:


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