Just had to write about this.  There are two general stores in the Tapovan area and when I first began coming to Rishikesh would give them both equal business, but very soon discovered that it was much more worth my while to shop at the Pundir shop instead of the other one.  MUCH better service, as the two brothers who run it are lovely and helpful and always give service with a smile,


their prices are very reasonable and on many items much much cheaper than the other shop, and I have NEVER brought home a package of spoilt milk from their shop, something which used to happen to me fairly regularly when I purchased at the other shop.  In addition, if you make a large order which you really cannot carry home, they will deliver!! 


I have never needed anything while in rishikesh which I was not able to purchase at their shop.  In addition to the items available on the shelves, the attached shop serves for additional stocks of dried goods, spices, oils, eggs, milk, curd and much more.  And if there IS something which I need that they don’t have, they will get it for me.  I can even get my batteries, hot water immersers, toothbrushes and pretty much anything else which comes to mind.


So, when they began to renovate last month, and expand the shop, I was very excited.  It is now ready and although there may be shops like this in the larger cities, and if you live in the West, this is nothing special, for Rishikesh it is a true pleasure to walk in and shop here.  You can now walk around and see EVERYTHING which is available, lots of it behind glass to keep it clean.  Like a very small type of supermarket…and the variety of goods available is quite amazing.












If you ever get to Rishikesh, step in for a look.  It is up in Tapovan, not far from Swiss Cottage.  Tell them Jane told you to come around!  You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee you!!



  1. Lena says:

    Yes! The guys are so nice!!! They would even give me a discount for no apparent reason from time to time)).

  2. Sanjay Tewari says:

    Devi’s shop really looks nice .Thanks for these pics Jane.
    Please convey my greetings to Devi, Dinnu and Keval.

  3. Kwaker says:

    The best shop to me in tapovan!!
    And the brothers working there are really the most Nice persons!! Hope everything is good there!

  4. Thank you Dear Jane,
    I really enjoy to see over photo by your Blog and Is really look very beautiful…Thank you soooooooooooo much…Hope see you soon Kewal.

    • Jane says:

      hey Kewal…how are you? Glad you finally got to see this….I won’t be back this year :-(…many reasons, and miss seeing everyone. Look forward to seeing you NEXT year. HOpe the new shop continues to well,as I am sure it does. You guys are wonderful. I miss Rishikesh and all the wonderful people there, but God very often has different plans for us than we have for ourselves. I trust in God that He knows what is best for me and believe it is always the right thing
      See you next year 🙂

    • Donna Fischer says:

      Greetings Kawal!! This is Donna From Hawaii. I am doing panchkarma with a friend in Rishikesh, but will be finished the 28th of December and will be moving to Laxman Jhula. Is the Jungle hut available? Prasad couldn’t make it this year. My friend Dona, that stayed there a couple of years ago is coming in March for about 6 weeks and we’d both like to stay then too. It will be great to see you!!

      • Jane says:

        hi donna…I don’t think Kewal will see this. You are commenting on my blog. You should write directly to him. Do you have his email? Who are you doing panchakarma with? I also do panchakarma every year in Rishikesh. Just curious where you do it? Let me now if I can help you be in touch with Kewal in any way.

  5. […] Pundir Shop Tapovan Rishikesh , have now opened a restaurant upstairs.  We have eaten their twice and the food was superb!  AND, it is air-conditioned!!!  It was actually so cold we had to ask them to turn it off!  J […]

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